My Norco Withdrawal and Addiction Story - Part 41

By sadbutglad · Apr 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi Kitts, I'm at the 72 hour mark. Not a wink of sleep tonight. I can't keep taking the kratom. I feel like it's making my kidneys hurt (or something). I'm relaxing in my bed, might get an hour of sleep b4 I get my kids up for school. I haven't been doing a darn thing these past few days. I have a headache right now and think it's benzo withdrawal. I'm going to continue to take it really easy till I recognize myself physically again. I'll know what's really up when I don't take the kratom anymore - which will be today. Im excited. The opiate cloud is dissipating and I'm feeling empowered.


  1. lostlygirl
    How are you doing? This must be the beginning of day 5, yes? Keep posting! We are listening....You can do this, you can do hard. In a few days you will be over the worst of it. Hang in there, you've got this!
  2. Jungledog
    Every time I went through withdrawal all I could think about was how just a few pills could "cure me" and then I would lie to myself and say how this time would be different and that I would regain control. The weird part was that when I finally admitted to myself and God that I could not control my use, that was when I finally turned the corner. It sucked physically but each day without the drugs my mind got clearer and my emotions returned.

    I began to realize that the worst part was the opiates placed an emotional wall between me and my kids. On the opiates I was NOT being the good mother I thought I was. I was emotionally checked out and numb and my kids knew it. That remains my greatest source of shame surrounding this whole event. Good mothers aren't high on drugs, period. I know it hurts but pay attention to how you return to being a good and present mother. It will bring you self pride and in turn, joy. Hold on to it. Be honest with yourself. Integrity before God is what will bring you through.
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