My Norco Withdrawal and Addiction Story - Part 42

By sadbutglad · Apr 27, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi Jungledog, I really appreciate your input and experience with addiction. I am having different experiences than you. I am very connected to my kids and know their ins and outs high or not. I am in no way advocating that substance abuse is suitable as a parent, but I don't believe that it's impossible to be a pretty functional addict as I have been (and many are). With that being said, this is day 6 and I relied heavily on kratom. Today is the first day without any and I'm experiencing body temp inconsistencies, but nothing like the first night off of pills. I'm going to stick this out. I don't want a pill addiction anymore (haven't for a while). Today I ordered more kratom online and I'm wondering if I should cancel the order since it's clearly another thing to get so easily hooked on. The scarey part is the level of relaxation and well-being it provides trumps pills. Yes-I said it. The high is better than norcos, lasts longer, and is always available. I'm trying to get clean not switch from one substance to another. As far as the pills - 6 days clean. Very happy about that, but I'm not out of the woods. The kratom made life bearable to get to this point, but my body is talking to me without the kratom. I have no choice but to listen and determine where I really am withdrawal wise. I do feel as though kratom is the lesser evil for now. I won't promise that it won't arrive in the mail after today's order...I'll keep you guys posted.


  1. Jungledog
    Oh I was quite functional. I raised 3 kids, cared for my aging parents, and worked 2 jobs; one clinical and one in a classroom. I THOUGHT I was perfectly fine. Since getting clean though my older daughters who are in their 20s have told me how emotionally detached I became when I thought all was cool. My 10 year old hugged me recently and told me he was glad "I was better." So just realize you may be fooling nobody but perhaps you are not too altered because your dose is low.

    Now as for kratom, that is a difficult call. From a perspective of a high, kratom is useless to me but it helps with pain. I used to take a very high dose of oxycodone. So using kratom for me does not keep me in addiction cycle. But for you if it gives you a high, that could be an issue. On the other hand, my belief is a plant will always be kinder to your body than something made by men in a lab. Using kratom also allows you to manage your own pain and you can break the cycle of monthly withdrawal. Does it help with pain? Can you take a lower dose so it helps cover the pain but gives you less of a high?

    You are doing well. Keep moving forward this time. Leave hydrocodone in the past.
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