My path to full Detox! (Cannabis) - Part 1

By gargamelBG · Dec 7, 2014 ·
  1. Hey everybody,
    You may have seen my last post ( What happens after stopping), but this is a whole other story. If you want to skip the fact why I stopped and how it all started then just scroll down to see my daily experiences after stopping.

    In this Thread I want to share my experience over time, of what I have experienced in my ''Quitting''.

    As I am writing this, it is Day 4. This will be a full diary until I decide, it has been enough.

    I am 19 Years old and I have been stoned my entire 18th year...
    By saying my entire 18th year, I also mean it!

    Here is my story:

    I started with 16, couple of friends got me in it and well it was just for a Week. After that Week I had to go back to my Country where I live (Not saying names). As said, after that I did not do anything. The Summer holidays after that, the smoking thing got kind of bigger... I started smoking every day and I enjoyed it. Getting back to my Country, I found my self a Dealer and all started.
    From smoking only on Weekends, To smoking only with friends from time to time in the week and to ending up buying a Bong and smoking every day.
    I even started selling so I can afford my amount. I stopped selling with 18, but didn't reduce the amount.
    So this has been going on till my 19 Birthday which was five days ago.
    I decided on my own to stop, because the only spectacular thing I remember from my ''IMPORTANT'' Year, was nothing, just getting up, smoking a bowl, and getting spaced out.
    With time I couldn't even remember what I watched the night before... I had mornings where I just had to think for a while to remember what I did the day before. Then I got some bad news from the doc (Nothing serious, don't worry) and that was one more reason to stop.

    At this point, my memory is fucked up, but with the hope to get better.
    If you have some tips for my Detox, please share them!


    Today was the day I smoked my last bowl and went into bed without smoking one (something unthinkable).
    It was not really something special, because I still was under the influence of Weed.


    First day of actually not smoking anything. I was in school and after that I went ice skating. I really enjoyed Skating, because it was keeping my head of weed.
    After getting home I went to a friend of mine who is smoking (all of my friends are smoking). Couple of people gathered and we drank a beer or two. They also smoked a Joint, but the interesting thing is: I didn't really care. I just wanted to make it.
    OH boy, oh boy... then the Night came... I couldn't get my self to sleep until 12 o'clock. After that I woke up sweating and not knowing where I am.


    Woke up in water and smelling as shit. I took a shower and everything got better, everything but the Withdraw... I couldn't eat shit...
    Got through the day as I was just gaming and searching for Wood (Decided to start a Wooden Workshop... don't even ask... I just need a hobby).
    Got into bed at around 12 o'clock again and went to sleep like a baby.


    I woke up perfectly fine at around 9 'clock in the morning and ate normally. I even ate an entire fish. Everything fine.
    My Head is a lot clearer. I feel better. The only problem is the mood swings... It's like everything can kick me off. I get angry at the smallest things!
    It is getting late, I will watch a movie, read a book and go sleeping, got school tomorrow.

    I will not be writing every day! Just wrote this kind of detailed, because many people fear the Withdraw faze. Next week I will be going to the doc to get my self checked out for any problem in my body, let's hope for the best.
    I guess my Withdraw was not that bad, as I was just smoking for an year. I also hope that the damage that I have done to my body is not that much and that I can recover from it.

    Many people say that you recover your Memory and everything, but with time. It also depends on how much you have smoked. I guess for me smoking only for an Year it won't be life depending.

    I will be posting at least every week!

    The fun things is that, as I decided not to smoke anymore (REALLY HARD TO GET MY SELF UP TO IT!), I don't have the urge to smoke at all. I guess I am not needing it that much as I thought!

    Remember! Eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water!

    See ya guys!


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