My People Skills May Need a lil Work

By PastorFuzz · Mar 14, 2019 · ·
  1. 3-13-19 Howzitgoin, everybody!
    Bout 3 weeks ago I hadda $250 to have a new windshield installed in my '79 F-350 after my naber smashed it by heavin a decorative landscaping block thru it. He's a drinker but he can't hold his alcohol. Cops aint gonna do shit.8

    I got ready for work late this morning cuz we'd hadda lil rain bout dawn, so it wasn't until 930-10am that I saw he'd done it again last night. Cops came out again and gimme another piece of paper.

    I was writing the above paragraph bout an hour ago, but i got interrupted, by my drunk naber hollerin and cussin outside my door. And the cops just left. They hadda show up cuz I'd just got done poundin his fuckin ass down in my own front yard. My other naber is knockin on my door now to take pix of me for the case cuz I'm sittin here bleedin all over my lil fisher-price fon. I'm too old for this fuckin shit.Ttys

    Oh yeah, I'm still clean of meth, but still hittin the jalle Screenshot_2019-02-23-09-57-03.png

    Y'all have a decent night that don't totally suck

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    Howzitgoin, everybody! I'm a committed loner whose addictions span 5 decades. So, yeah, there's been some damage done.


  1. jazzyj9
    Sucks you have to deal with bs. There's gotta be a way to get him evicted or something. Whatever you do make sure you outsmart him. It sounds like he's pretty fucked up like has some psych issues going on.
  2. PastorFuzz
    Thanx, yeah he's nuts. I still got no clue how I suddenly became the bad guy in his eyes and I'm past the point of caring. He don't work so he stays up drinking all night on most nights so I been staying up too just to watch my shit. Last night I thots he was done and I went to bed at 1am, which gives me 3 hours sleep cuz I get up at 4-430 to go to work all day so I'm also sleep deprived and gettin to the end of my tether. The cops just make it worse and the laws make my options pretty limited as far as to what length I can go to defend myself. Anyway, apparently I shuda stayed up a lil later. I ain't gonna replace my broken windshield again until he's gone. Like you said, I'm being smart, being careful, but this shit is gonna stop one way or the other PDQ.

    He breaks their own widows in their house and glass in their vehicles. He also tags his house. His windshield guy, who is now also my windshield guy, is the only one who's winnin this war so far, makin some damn good money, the asshole has trashed 11 of his own windshields, the most recent new windshield he had put in didn't make it 48 hours.

    I was able to get the cops to put his ass in the Psyche ward for 72 blessedly peaceful hours a week or so ago.

    I'm tired. He can't hurt my windshield anymore than it already is so I'm going to bed. Hey, many thanx for droppin by to check on me. You're a far better friend to me than I deserve, ms jazz many warm hugs to you xo
  3. Mingo123
    I hear those decorative landscaping blocks can be killers; actually Mr. Green Acres sounds like a decorative landscaping block himself!

    Jail is not a nice place to withdrawal from the mighty H. Glad you are thinking and may the cosmos find a solution.
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  4. PastorFuzz
    Hi Hey [email protected]!! Damn it's good to see you! Now I know my day is startin off on the right foot! I hope you're doin well, lil friend!

    Yeah my 1st priority is to not go to jail, so in that regard I've done well with the support and wisdom y'all have given me. I've taken the high road and have the support of my street and the cops, and I've exercised restraint, been professional, etc with exception of the episode featured in this entry.

    That was a risky self-indulgent stunt that I got away with as far as the mounties, and all the damn spectators were practically applauding, and it will finally get him arrested and hopefully committed for 30 days, but.... I learned long ago as a professional grade criminal that violence is a tool that must applied judiciously and with a clear objective in mind. Gratuitous violence fueled by anger, revenge, personal satisfaction, or other defects of character is a losin proposition. In my case it was a stroke of luck but still a disturbin error in judgement on my part. I need to do better. I gotta live here. If I screw this up there may be consequences I gotta pay for a long time to come.

    I'm late for work! Gotta run! Hugs & Teddy bears to you xo!!
  5. JaneDeux
    "Texas Penal Code §9.41 allows you to use force, not deadly force, that is reasonably necessary to prevent or terminate another’s trespass on your land.

    You still have a legal right to exclude or remove trespassers from your land; however you are limited to only using non-deadly force to do so. The use of force can have many different manifestations, from physical confrontation to displaying a weapon. Texas Penal Code §9.04 states that for defensive purposes the display of a weapon in order to create apprehension in another person is considered a use of force, not deadly force. That means if someone trespasses on your property, you may display your firearm to create apprehension that you will use deadly force if necessary. You will not be legally justified in discharging the firearm, but you will be legally justified in displaying it to “create apprehension” under the law. Only if the trespasser is committing other acts where the law states that you are justified in using deadly force would you be allowed to discharge your firearm legally."

    I'm no lawyer (thank goodness) but based on my fundamental reading skills you are within your rights to produce, but not discharge a pistol/rifle. I assume using non deadly force to remove said trespassing idiot would include beating him with whatever is handy. Just don't kill him and make plenty of noise to arouse some honest witnesses.

    Start breaking limbs, eventually he will be immobile and unable to hurl landscape blocks. I am a peaceful person, but this isn't going to stop without repeated lessons in civility. Dispense them within the law.

    We have a '75 F350 used as a tow truck. Good trucks, easy to work on, big ass windshields. Good luck, stock up on epsom salts, removing trespassing fools is bound to create sore muscles.

    Gotta love Texas, Jane
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  6. jazzyj9
    @JaneGault I think displaying a fire arm might be enough for the person to stop the harassment. If he knows you’re serious and will protect you life he might leave you alone. I would probably also sue him in small claims court for the windshield. I would start documenting shit very carefully.

    If he breaks the law and you catch him you can have him arrested right? If he tried to use deadly force against you you can protect yourself right? If the girlfriend move reasonable? Maybe if she understands the severity of the situation.
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  7. JaneDeux
    Some folks have no sense, particularly when fueled by alcohol. Law enforcement is toothless. Indeed, he should file the necessary reports, but it is really an exercise in futility. I cannot imagine the frustration a good cop feels knowing he is duty bound to protect the rights of scumbags like this neighbor.

    It sounds harsh, but a good old-fashioned beating may be the only thing this guy will be impressed by. These things tend to escalate and drag on unless extreme measures are taken.

    As long as it is within the law, I'd beat the tar out of him. Cameras would be on my shopping list. Video evidence is hard to dispute.

    Been the victim, Jane
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  8. jazzyj9
    As long as you won't get arrested for beating his ass, I might do it. I would be worried about the legal consequences of doing that and would make sure I was within my legal rights. Cameras are a great idea. I would try to outsmart him and get him arrested for breaking the law while protecting myself at the same time. I'm a big proponent of self-defense.
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  9. PastorFuzz
    Howzitgoin everybody!

    Wow, lotta stuff in y'all's comments for me to cogitate and ponder on and I'm at work so I can't cover it all point for point, but I'll circle back round to it lil later. I'm most grateful to have y'all in my corner!!.

    So I can load a gun, cock a gun, and aim a gun, but I can't fire a gun. I wonder who masturbated that rule? That's a law that was written to get people killed.

    Never never never pick up a weapon you ain't fully prepared to use.

    On the advice of the cops, I be keepin firepower close at hand.

    If I gotta shoot, I kill. Mine is the only side of the story the mounties will ever hear, and by the time the mounties arrive, you can bet there will be a weapon lying next to his lifeless carcass

    Gotta work now. Ttys many thanx!!!
  10. JaneDeux
    According to what I read "physical confrontation" to remove the trespasser is within his rights. Creating apprehension is acceptable. So, let's get creative with creating apprehension.

    Get a lawyer on your speed dial. No need for them yet.
    Give someone you trust bail money to get you out.
    Install cameras.
    Arm sympathetic neighbors with baseball bats. They don't have to do a thing but hold them and look mean and get video with their phones.
    Buy some super soaker water guns. Fill them with homemade pepper spray and have a good time blasting him with that. He will submit.
    This sounds like fun, I wanna play.

    Let me know when the party starts, I'll bring the food. Jane
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