My People Skills May Need a lil Work

By PastorFuzz · Mar 14, 2019 · ·
  1. 3-13-19 Howzitgoin, everybody!
    Bout 3 weeks ago I hadda $250 to have a new windshield installed in my '79 F-350 after my naber smashed it by heavin a decorative landscaping block thru it. He's a drinker but he can't hold his alcohol. Cops aint gonna do shit.8

    I got ready for work late this morning cuz we'd hadda lil rain bout dawn, so it wasn't until 930-10am that I saw he'd done it again last night. Cops came out again and gimme another piece of paper.

    I was writing the above paragraph bout an hour ago, but i got interrupted, by my drunk naber hollerin and cussin outside my door. And the cops just left. They hadda show up cuz I'd just got done poundin his fuckin ass down in my own front yard. My other naber is knockin on my door now to take pix of me for the case cuz I'm sittin here bleedin all over my lil fisher-price fon. I'm too old for this fuckin shit.Ttys

    Oh yeah, I'm still clean of meth, but still hittin the jalle Screenshot_2019-02-23-09-57-03.png

    Y'all have a decent night that don't totally suck

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    Howzitgoin, everybody! I'm a committed loner whose addictions span 5 decades. So, yeah, there's been some damage done.


  1. PastorFuzz
    If people gonna bring bats we might as well dangle him from a tree & be a piñata.
  2. jazzyj9
    I live in California, so they are very anti-gun and anti-self-protection. Sometimes I detest this state because if someone comes into your home and tries to rob you and you shoot them you can be arrested and convicted for just protecting yourself. I think the laws in Texas are very different. But I also know that I would not want to commit a crime in Texas because they are very strict. Not that I would commit a crime anyway, but just to point out that state laws vary. I'm sure you know that.

    Your freedom and safety are priorities. Just do things in a way that doesn't jeopardize those. Find a way to deal with the problem that doesn't hurt you.

    With that said, if he tried to hurt you or your animals and you defended yourself, I think Texas would be more forgiving than California.
  3. Mingo123
    DF PARTY in TexaS! We all bring bats and cameras. No harm to anyone - just noise and snarly looks.
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  4. Hopeless78
    Goddamn, what shit fucking neighbors you have; karma’s a bitch anyway, he’ll get what’s coming to him — sorry to hear shit’s been going a bit rough lately. DM me anytime, you know where to find me @PastorFuzz
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  5. PastorFuzz
    Yeah, @Hopeless78, Karma's a MF, maybe my naber's BS is my own chickens comin home to roost?

    I really appreciate you takin time check on me, and you're right, I'm long overdue catchin up with you, it's been crazy. I'm omw home from work now but I'll getta DM off to ya as soon as I can jump off the crazy train for a few minutes of peace& quiet

    You take care and stay positive, many thanx , lil friend!!Ttys xo
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