My situation - Part 27

By figgy · Feb 13, 2015 ·
  1. just updating this thread briefly:

    I'm still on suboxone. approx 3-6mg/day depending on how I feel. Overall functioning has never been better in my entire life. I'm working hard, doing well in personal relationships, and feel generally content.

    I toy with the idea of coming off the suboxone. But it's helping me SO much, it's just hard to consider stopping. Previously I was depressive, anxious, and passive in life, on the suboxone I feel so upbeat, nonstressed, and am so effective in life. So I stay on it. Will it eventually stop making me feel good? I dunno. Hope not. Guess I'll deal with that if/when I have to.

    In terms of my drug use, I've had poppy tea a few times over the last few months. When doing so I've just not taken suboxone that day, and then resumed the suboxone the next day, and that has seemed to work; I got a nice high from the tea, and no withdrawal.

    As always I greatly appreciate opinions, feedback, and support.


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