Nature of the Bitch

By PastorFuzz · Sep 25, 2018 · ·
  1. Ain't it a bitch how events sometimes come together to put you in the exact place you don't wanna be? Incessant rain has made it impossible to get work done on schedule. So the money aint coming in as it should. But this crap weather ain't done a damn thing to keep the bills from coming in. Still, with careful juggling I've been able to make ends meet and have just enough left to pay the cost of my dual addiction. That is until I went out to the mailbox (I hate that fuckin mailbox) and got a notice from my dog's vet that her shots were due. So it came down to a choice of taking care of Angel or taking care of my habit.

    So I sit here in the predawn hours, soaked in sweat, head throbbing, guts churning, snot running outta my nose, so fucking dopesick again, trying to summon the strength to lace up my boots, and wondering how in the hell I'm gonna be able to tackle a '50 ash tree when my hands are shaking so bad I'm slopping black coffee on myself and I'm so fucking feeble I can barely load my coolers into the truck.

    I look over and see Angel sleeping peacefully in her bed, her belly full and her shots all fully up to date and totally oblivious to my misery. Sigh.

    Clock is ticking. I gotta get to work. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow.


  1. JaneDeux
    I know what you mean about the mailbox. There's usually a surprise inside and I don't mean a good one. Now it's email for me, ugh.

    Angel is your sweet, loyal and probably only source of unconditional love. Fur babies can make us smile when something unwelcome and unexpected has rocked our world. She knows you will take care of her.

    I hope the weather becomes suitable for your craft. Sadly, we cannot live on love, coin is required. Having run a small business for my "son-in-law", I know how difficult those lean streaks can be. You'll be scaling those limbs (and collecting checks) soon, when you do...

    Take care and be safe, Jane
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  2. PastorFuzz
    Thank you dear friend. I couldn't live with myself if she got sick cuz I chose dope over her. I just threw up in Walmart parking lot, feelin slightly better now. Gotta run
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  3. JaneDeux
    That is a good place to throw up, McDonald's is also a contender. Hope you feel better soon. Give Angel a belly rub.


    P.S. I bet lopermide was on your shopping list, if so, don't overdo.
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  4. 23 scarecrows
    Hey bro ,sorry your day is going how it's going. Today has been a bitch! I feel you on the dope sick part, I'm slowly getting there.

    Try to just remember it's just a feeling and it'll pass by re-ing up or going clean. Wish I can be more help. When I read that about your dog I automatically thought about y'all's midnight raids for vanilla ice cream at midnight

    Hang in there pastor!
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  5. Mick Mouse
    Hey PF, hang in there, things will get better one way or another. You did the right thing, taking care of one who can't do it herself. And she loves you for it!
    Wish I could help you out somehow, but other than giving you advise you already know about (which I am certain you do NOT want to hear right now!), don't know what I can do except be on your side. Always around, if you need to talk.
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  6. Somewhere in the middle
    @PastorFuzz , you are a truly remarkable man. And one who is worthy of the love of an animal.

    Hang in there, you will get through it! I promise.

    From the wet, cold tundra north.
  7. PastorFuzz
    Howzitgoin everybody! Many many thanx to all y'all!, going bout 8 hours ain't feelin too perky, been here before, lil worse thsn last time, workin bout 4 more hours. So just a quick many thanx for now. Y'all uplift me, made me smile, make me wanna cry, gimme a lil gitmo so I can gitmo done, shitfuckpiss I'm too damn old for this. Gotta git back at it. Yard fulla tree limbs, i got til dark. I love my dog. Sorry, not my best post but i hadda write y'all Many many many thanx to all y'all
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  8. titaniumhunter
    Years ago I had a friend, Julie. She had red hair and a German Shepard. I had an 80# all white gog, the vet guessed she was a Samoyed with recessive traits-she looked like a large white husky. There was a drunk street guy, Dean, used to direct traffic, carry groceries for sandwiches, get hosed out of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot,etc.He had a very strong sorta Long Island X New Jersey accent. He used to call her Red, her dog "Shep-ard". He used to call both myself & my dog Angel. I cannot read the name Angel without hearing his voice in my head and that was several lifetimes ago. So glad you took care of your Angel.
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  9. titaniumhunter
    Strange, it's been pouring here all day...started before dawn and it's still coming down at 5pm. Be good to yourself.
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  10. PastorFuzz
    Hug Kai for me ttys
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