Nearly 40 days - will I ever feel ok? - Part 16

By Fidget247 · Jan 8, 2015 · ·
  1. Still opiate free but having an unsettled day today. Has been really hot, not sleeping all that well. To be expected I guess. Other than that and my non stop movement I'm not too bad. Been accused of having ADHD.

    Trying to curb my radical side! Been working pretty hard and feeling exhausted (heat & sleep issues definitely contribute). Mind you, I do like hot weather.

    Have slowed down my drinking a bit since NYE. Feeling a bit scattered today, concentration is a problem.


  1. Cwb20022
    Hey fidget. I'm really happy for you. And right at the start of a new year. Perfect timing. Do you think you'd be able to turn down opiates if giving the chance? That's a hard one for me. I guess it's good your moving anyway. Sometimes a fresh start makes all the difference.

    You worked through the withdrawal? If so your one hard bitch ( in the most respectful way ) ;)

    Well just wanted to congratulate you And say your doing great.

    Stay safe. Peace.

    Ps. I'm beginning to hate you Australians. You know it feels -5 out right now? And in 2 hours its gonna feel -15 degrees (f) and you guys keep talking about the warm weather. Haha.

    Btw where's your husband at? Is he clean from opiates to?
  2. Mr Bumble
    Wow it sounds like you've had a crazy ride of it. You mentioned your boyfriend and it sounds like he's a user also. What the current situation, does he try and get cleaned up when you do ect?

    Also get those teeth sorted girl, tooth pain drives me mad, it would make me relapse for sure if I was trying to come off and suffering. I had a wisdom tooth pulled out just before I detoxed, it was giving me a bit of pain and they found a big hole in the root after it came out. No way I would have got this far had I not got that sorted first
  3. Hurtin again
    Wow guys, I'm new here and got into this mess of addiction due to some severe physical issues. Broke back, operation didn't help, then a few years later tore a ligament that somehow got trapped in Pudendal nerve. No one could stop the pain and honestly it hurt as bad as if you were sitting on a knife and I had to work. Went to tons of pain clinics all over country with no results. Finally one day a Dr. was giving me a prostate exam and I blacked out from the pain. I hit the floor etc. He didn't know why but I looked up his diag. and found something called PNE. I looked it up and HAD ALL 15 SYMPTOMS! Within 2 years had surgery. Surgeon said nerve was so damaged from years of ligament cutting into it he had to cut the lig. in two and piece it out around nerve. He tried for hours to remove massive scar tissue mess. Surgery supposed to take 1-1/2hrs. took over 5 hours. Anyhow I live in terrible pain, not being able to do anything. I'm trying to get off the oxycontin (down to 240mg. day) and oxy Ir (from 60mg. to 180 a day). I was up to oxycontin 640mg. day & oxycodone IR 180 a day. I had all kinds of tro. and took all types of high doses of pain meds. at mega doses. I want to just jump off but have been through some terrible W/d's before. Last one hurt my brain. Forced to C/T valium after 10 yrs.-- my doc. just up and quit! No referals or anything.---what a mess. I can't get anyone to tell me how to get off these and then what to do about the terrible pain without frying my brain. I think I'm in some type of PAWS from cold turkey Citalopram (anti-d) Never even heard of PAWS before. Been off that med. for 5 mos. Feel like crap--can't think--have no patience--paranoid--suicidal--etc. I'm afraid of going through another bad withdrawl--won't make this one so I'm trying to taper, with no one to help. I'd appreciate opinions how to get off the narcotics and then what to do about remaining pain. Honest truth.
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