Nearly 40 days - will I ever feel ok? - Part 21

By Fidget247 · Apr 2, 2015 · ·
  1. Well, unbelievably I'm still off opiates.

    Generally I'm a very stable person but I seem to be a bit of a train wreck at the moment. Finally seen the dentist who ripped out half of my tooth. Gotta go back should there be any sign of infection.

    Pain was having an effect on everything. Took to drinking a 700 mL bottle of straight Brandy every 2 days, smoking weed.. anything that would work really (except opiates).

    Reckless, angry, not coming home.. I've been selfish. Just don't know where I'm at or what I want any more.


  1. Fidget247
    Well, verdict is.. I'm just a bitch.

    Long term opiate use has such consequences.. Seems I'm intent on alienating everyone.
  2. lostlygirl
    Hey, hun, why is that? It sounds as if your not having a good day?
  3. Fidget247
    Decided to separate from my partner (who does not want me to leave).

    Some days he makes me want to stay, other days it just results in a lot of smashed household items.

    It's so confusing and emotionally brutal after 20 something years.
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