Nearly 40 days - will I ever feel ok? - Part 6

By Fidget247 · Sep 24, 2014 · ·
  1. I've moved back to a small rural Community where going back on Suboxone would pretty much guarantee unemployment for the duration of my stay. I was taking amphetamines which turned out to contain; Heroin, psych drugs, barb's (all the colours of the rainbow on a drug test apparently). I was asked to come back for re-testing & couldn't get there.

    Wasn't really a problem then as I had plenty of money, a house to live in and countless back up drugs.. (ampules of morphine, hydromorphone, Oxy 80's, methadone tabs, fentanyl etc).

    My situation changed overnight, found myself homeless, pennyless & I used EVERYTHING inc. weed, alcohol & of course tobacco. Moved myself to an isolated spot & did over 50 days off Opiates & Opiods (as partially journaled). Put off returning to organise my stuff as long as I could but inevitably I knew I still had fentanyl patches there. Thus the trigger for what I'm now conceeding to be a binge of epic proportions due to drug type and little to no backup plan.


  1. Greenlight
    Hello Fidget!

    Please research Ibogaine! I have heard AMAZING testimonies about that. I would absolutely try it myself if I had the funds.

    I can so relate to the PAWS. Hang in there, it will get better. I am writing that to you as well as to myself.
    Sending you love and best wishes!
  2. Fidget247
    Thanks Greenlight,

    I'll look into Ibogaine. About to jump off that cliff again & reckon I may need all the help I can get this time.

    How long has your PAWS been going on? Get's to you after a while, like climbing a hill with a backpack on (that's still tied onto a tree at the bottom). Seems every step is hard fought.

    Please keep me posted on how you are going.
  3. Greenlight
    I'm only on day 26 but my usage was comparatively low.
    I did not expect to keep feeling worse rather than better so I'm feeling a bit discouraged right now.
    I know it takes a while for the synapses to re-wire themselves but dang. I need to start being able to function better soon.

    But I'm also feeling stressed out by external events in my life, and I am having a flare up this week
    of the pain that caused me to start taking opiates to begin with.

    How are you doing? I really do hope you look into Ibogaine. Especially due to the length of time you've been taking drugs.
    I wish I could be of more help. I'm here though. :vibes:
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