Need Help! - Methadone Withdrawal :( - Part 83

By natey7 · Jul 29, 2014 · ·
  1. From the chains of hell, to the field of poppy's, to a 5 day journey at the Methadone clinic and back!
    Damn, Methadone's really something.
    Looks like I'm starting from scratch in the Opiate boat when it comes to time. Feels amazing to have my music back though. Methadone makes it so sludgy and gross. Hell, I'm sure a lot of ya know what I'm sayin.
    I feel like the tin robot from the wizard of oz right now. My body's all creaky and shit. It's like oil me up. It's so weird having that liquid sludge drained from your body and slowly returning to homeostasis. Sooo damn tired to. No sleep tonight.
    I honestly can't even explain what being on Methadone again and off is like. Straight eye opener. Anyways, I'm tiiiiiired. Pze.


  1. natey7
    - My body aches like Im 90 this morning. Hurtin, but need to break on through to the other side. Finally was able to drop cigarettes to. Feeling so much healthier without, its just mind blowing. I still feel like I just got my rib cage kicked in and bones drained of Calcium. Was having an awesome sleep though until my body woke me up... I love my music :)
  2. natey7
    Find peace through gratefulness ~
  3. SoozyQ

    Great to hear you have quit benzos as well as methadone.

    Your last post suggests you are in a good place. I wholeheartedly agree, Gratitude is the best attitude :D

    All the best xxxxxx
  4. charliecat
    How are you doing natey7
    You seemed to be doing really well and posting lots of detail about your taper but no update recently about where your at.
    Are you still tapering or clean?
    Hope your ok
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