Need to stop smoking... - Part 1

By Rainmom · Sep 27, 2014 · ·
  1. Firstly I'm not well spoken or well written as the case may be. So of this all seems to be incoherent rambles I do hope it helps me or maybe even someone else.

    Nicotine my ugly friend I want to quit you badly!

    I started smoking socially in high school it wasn't until college I started smoking cloves as it was just so darn cool! Eventually I switched to Menthols and had a pack+ a day habit. I quit for my 1st pregnancy & my 4th pregnancy but always picked those ugly suckers back up. My youngest is now almost 6 and Raindad and I Thursday decided to switch to E-cigs to make an effort to tapper off.

    Our choice to call it quits stemmed from the untimely and tragic death of our good friends who are also neighbors The wife, unborn baby & 9 year old daughter (my daughters best friend) tragically died sept 15th in an auto accident. It really made us want to stick around long as possible for each other and our 4 kiddos.

    Thursday we switched to e cigs 16mg strength and have only smoked one regular cig per day since the switch. Eventually I'd like to be at 0mg and done all together. I'm doing pretty well I think the adjustment seems a bit harsh on the lungs More so in the morning. My kids (ages 15,12,9 & 5) have been supportive even have hid our regular smokes with instructions we get 1 a day or if our battery dies we get 1 while it charges if we need it.

    Both my husband and I had HUGE weed addictions we have been clean of that for 8 years and he drinks socially (very rarely even at that) I don't drink or abuse anything other than nicotine & chocolate lol.

    I do take prescriptions for high blood pressure, anxiety, Insomina & depression (HBP has been long term but the other meds are new as I'm experiencing a bit of PTSD after the untimely death of my friends) I have had bouts or anxiety and depression in the past but have been off all those types of meds for 7 years. I'm just aiming for an even keel and a nicotine free life!

    Please share your experiences! And cheer me on!i really need the love and support!


  1. rapter
    Well my case i think E-cigarette can be more dangers b/c they haven't looked at what can happen as cigarette, (e-cigarette) But you can start smoking them as a hobbit too. If i was you cut down, Go with a day without smoking or maybe smoking one and you will see the cut. Support you. Keep the Updates
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