No idea how I got here, feeling a bit lost :( (but found myself again a happy ending) - Part 21

By cbabycee · Jan 19, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: No idea how I got here, feeling a bit lost :(

    Hey soso thanks for that :) so many push for getting of them asap.

    I'm still not 100% but mentally when I sleep im a lot stronger. I only took 8ml yesterday will try 8ml today too.

    Before using again i was happily on 4 with no problems at all. It was when I tried 2mg I had an issue so slower the taper this time.l

    Boyfriend Gone to work, kids at school so first day alone, may be in here a few times today.

    I have no intention of using today

    4 days since I used heroin


  1. soso
    Re: No idea how I got here, feeling a bit lost :(

    No intention of using today!?!
    No intention of using ever again sounds better lol
    Yea when I said wait till things even out that's what I was on about, mentally and emotionally you will be up and down for a while, it can change by the hour, you can be feeling really happy and positive one minute then depressed and anxious the next. It won't take long to even out though, and making big decision in that frame of mind isn't the best idea.

    Your in a good position to be fair,
    you got somewhere to live
    you got your fella
    you got your kids
    Your starting a new job
    And to top it all you not using heroin, happy days lol
    Your mindset is everything now, your attitude is whats going to determine if you succeed or not, stay strong and stay positive.
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