No idea how I got here, feeling a bit lost :( (but found myself again a happy ending) - Part 23

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    Nursemarie forgive me if you've tried these things u are a nurse after all, crazy how a nurse on methadone isn't good but a seriously sleep deprived nurse is ok ;) im sure u are xx

    Have you tried acupuncture????? Meditation. At night do you get anxious about sleeping??

    I found that I wasn't sleeping because I wasnt expecting to sleep instead of just sleeping. So I went to bed and counted my breaths. In my head just focused o. My breathing.

    I just remember in jail when I detoxes they gave us accupuncture and I fell asleep there in the therapy room.

    Also things like lavender or herbal extracts?? Are you getting absolutely no sleep at all? Or just very very little? It seriously can't be good for you if you are getting none, but 30 mins here and there amazing how that sustains you.

    I'm hoping sleep finds you soon xx

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    Paregoric the age thing is related to the fact I would like ivf and to get it free i have to be 36. Without free treatment I doubt we will ever be able to afford it unfortunately. But it is a big thing for me and my partner and I know it's a pressure, but if we couldn't have it because of my addiction I don't know how he would feel about that, and I don't like the idea of heroin robbing me of this chance. I think giving myself 6 months is fair. I can only try. I am one who likes to have a plan, im ok with changing plans but I like a rough plan, something to work towards. I'm going to reduce my dose from 10mg to 8mg by next week, as im fine on 8mg. Probably would be fine on 6 now I'm clean from heroin.

    Seeing that test result negative for everything but bupe was lovely :D. I wish I could figure how to upload it here can you do img link????

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    Ok I've uploaded a photo to my album that needs modding.

    Kitts as im on my phone after the photo has been accepted could u insert the link into my post please. As for some reason it won't allow me to select the link and copy it.

    Here is is Cee
    Well done! ~ Kitts

    This is what I am proud of today :)

    Start work tomorrow so excited and nervous!!!

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    Thank you so much Kitts!!

    Well I've slept well. I've woken today with a pain in my tummy not dissimilar to the start of my withdrawals ( always for me starts with tummy cramps) I didn't take buscopan last night so going to have some of them, and maybe up my bupe a little? I mean I've gone 32mg 30mg. 18mg 8mg 10mg so not really a stable dose.

    I need to stick to a dose and taper gradually I'll take a 2mg and see how I go I don't want to be wothdrawl at my new job.

    So it's of to work i go!!! Wish me luck xx

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    Almost forgot 5 days since I used :)


  1. soso
    Re: No idea how I got here, feeling a bit lost :(

    Well done for getting your clean test, what did your fella say when you showed him?
    Good luck with your new job too, let us know how you get on.
    Hopefully work will take your mind off things and make it easier to get some days under your belt. I remember counting days, I was like "7 days since I used" "12 days since I used" now it's been just over 2 years clean so keep on pushing and you'll get there
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