No more monkey business - meth and heroin - Part 2

By Heretic.Ape. · Jan 10, 2015 · ·
  1. Day 3
    The third day was a bitch. Likely due in part to it being the first day really awake and up doing things.

    The first day was all sleep and vomiting.

    The second day was all sleep and laying around wishing I would vomit.

    The third day was all thinking about getting my hands on the adderal back at my place , vicodin the dentist had prescribed , and bud I tucked away for when shit started to get real and I could get away from my fucking parents, on whom the distinction between some herb and the dope would be lost. As the hours poured out of the jangle nerved afternoon and cooled and festered in strung out sundown it was looking like the anger and anguish would take the day. But at last the vicodin for the dying nerve in my jaw came like an unexpected and not dared prayed for rain and I was able to sneak a little puff of sweet, sweet Mary Jane, who is always good for bringing this monkey back around when shit goes insane.

    Never did get his paws on amphetamines, but I think he is going to be cool enough for the time being.

    Writing and wandering around the forum isn't the same on a phone. I will be getting a computer on Monday at long last, so more can probably be expected from us when we have our new toy and a couple more days built up of pent up crazy energy lol

    Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate it a lot.


  1. Fidget247
    Hey HA,

    Hang in there. Good and bad being at your parents house during this process huh. Really empathize with you. Just remember it will get better.. given time.

    Best wishes
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