Not Good News

By Mr Bumble · May 4, 2017 · ·
  1. So I got the results of my blood tests back and it's not good and also confusing.

    The HAART seems to be working and suppressing my viral load but my CD4 count, the blood cells that fight off infection have crashed big time.

    When I first tested possible in 2007 I was not on treatment and had a count of 380 and only got tested as I was so ill I really thought I was dying.

    Well I just tested 340.

    That's the lowests it's ever been and the reason I picked up the skin infection. If it carrys on dropping it's good bye bumble.

    Should be 4 days clean but got home and my gf had scored. She was off her face having done several bags but had saved me one. Of course in my face like that I'm gonna take it. Didn't even feel it.

    Got sick of watching her nod out so packed my shit and left.

    I'm broke. Like no income what so ever. I ate dinner at a church last night and will go for breakfast at a homeless charity this morning.

    And to boot my ipad and andoid phone will not charge. Only reason I can post this is I striped a used cable and and stuck the correct wires between the battery and the phones terminals.

    So if I'm not about much it's just I can't get online due to tech and money and health problems.


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    Mr Bumble
    35 years old and been an addict for over 20 years now. Detoxing I can do but staying clean is a battle I keep losing. I'll keep on fighting though


  1. Kitts
    Ah Bumble. I'm sorry to read this. I was hoping for better news.

    Sending love and big hugs from here, Kitts.
    1. Mr Bumble
      Me to Kitts but thanks for the message. Waiting on results of another round of tests to see if it's still dropping.

      I was sitting at 600t cell count which is pretty good but 340 not so hot.

      Unfortunately all the speil about how with treatment these days you can lobe a normal life is not always true. Many like. Me with suprressed viral loads still dying of aids related death.
      Just got off the phone with the clinic while writting this. Now at 300. Fuck
  2. JarvyJarvison
    Bumble, are you still planning on going to rehab? Has being homeless thrown a monkey wrench in your plans? I hope not. You need this.

  3. Mr Bumble
    I'm not homeless mate. In fact that's my one saving grace. I own my own home paid outright so luckly I've never had to sleep on the streets even if I have to eat at the soup kitchen
  4. Mr Bumble
    And yes to rehab
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