OCD, Heroin, literature and music how my addictions are connected... - Part 5

By Ginger87 · Sep 5, 2014 · ·
  1. I've half moved away I spend half my time in a small rural area half in London so I'm ok half the time! I can't move though I've tried...

    I pay my bills and spunk the rest, everyone is dying around me but it is depressing me rather than encouraging me to stop. I can see how its ganna end and a big part of me wants it to hurry up. I love drugs, its like I've found the holy grail but it has king Midas' curse


  1. Serak The Preparer
    I get that problem that it's hard to keep away from certain areas. My downfall usually begins when I head back to the city to work and the money starts to burn a hole in my pocket :'(

    The depression is a really tough one to deal with. If it's relentlessly affecting you then you'd need to get seen by a specialist ASAP (easier said than done) If you only get it now and again, as I do, then a bottle of vodka usually helps. On a serious note I found it easier to reconcile depression without a prescription, anxiety not so much :/

    Almost my entire social circle was wiped out in the last few years. They were good people and I'm sure they wouldn't want me to dwell on the worst parts of their lives and I'm sure your late friends would feel the same way for you.

    Hope you had a better time of things since the last week. Look after yourself buddy!!
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