Opiate (Pill): Witnessing the addiction and destruction enveloping my life - Part 3

By Good ole boy · Sep 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Update 9/28/14~~~

    Went to one NA meeting, can't do that shit. I'm clean taking nothing, but prozac and naproxen (aspirin) 500mg a day. Weed's really been helping me, life doesn't seem so shitty and all the stomach aches and bad thoughts go away when I smoke out.

    Ganja is really helping me kick my problem, but I always have people hitting me up for shit, or to sell shit... Thinkin a number change may be the right plan.

    Here's to looking forward.



  1. curiousonlooker
    Best of luck to you! NA is not for everyone, and it seems you're dealing with the psychological aspect of the allure, rather than the my entire life is f*****. And the psychological aspect is always the most difficult of any addiction. Meetings are mainly about having something to do, somewhere to go, instead of using, and having people to commune with on a taboo and sometimes laborious topic. Do you have any passions or hobbies? Have you got a group of friends where drugs aren't really in the picture?

    It's a great idea to change your number, as getting other people's stunted desire and mixed want/need for the drug will only make you identify with them and then you'll think you need a drug to make you get through this minute, or that this is how you reward yourself, or have fun ---when it is not how you want to be at all. Also, why does your new girlfriend have/ had pills you were selling? Does she use?
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