Opiate Withdrawal using Kratom to taper... (Redo) - Part 1

By heisenberg76 · Mar 12, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi Everyone,

    Sometime back, I posted here looking for support. I was going to use Kratom to taper off opiates and get clean. Suffice to say I ended up on another run. That said, I am truly ready to quit for good. I realize just one PILL will put me back on a run each time. All leading to using, wasting money, and feeling pretty bad about myself. Not to mention that my current dosage doesn't even get me high for more than a couple of hours.

    I currently use either Dilaudid 8mg or Roxicodone 30mg. Never more than two total pills a day. Which ever type I can get a hold of. The Dilaudid I snort. The Roxis I eat/snort.

    My last dose was at 2:40pm Eastern today. Still feeling fine of course. I have plenty of pure Bali ground leaf from a reputable vendor to use for my taper. I have no idea how this will work out. I will keep everyone posted. The end goals is to go from Opiates > Kratom > Clean.

    I want to apologize to those that responded to my original thread. I feel bad I caved and went back to opiates without really trying. Getting replies to my thread is important. I know I need everyone's help, advice, and expertise on WDs and tapering. Hopefully, you guys will give me a second chance.

    More to follow....


  1. ianzombie
    Re: Opiate WDs using Kratom to taper... (Redo)

    My advice would be...
    Taper the pills as low as possible.
    Then, find the lowest dose of kratom that will make the withdrawals bearable if you stop taking the pills.
    Take that dose and then leave it as long as possible before you take any more.
    Let your tolerance drop and only take the kratom when necessary.
    Stick to Red Vein Bali kratom.

    This will let your tolerance drop.

    Once you start to find that you can deal with just taking the kratom you can consider tapering it slowly.
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