Opiate Withdrawal using Kratom to taper... (Redo) - Part 4

By heisenberg76 · Mar 13, 2015 · ·
  1. Ian-

    Thanks for the tip on eating. I am going to keep my diet a little light during this.

    When using Kratom to taper off opiates, do you think I should take just enough to make it bearable or enough to cover up the symptoms and feel normal (not high/buzzed)? In other words, if I am not hurting, am I not making progress? I just want my dosage to be correct. I do understand your strategy of waiting as long as possible between doses. The end goal is stopping Kratom and having the least WD symptoms possible. Like everyone else I suppose.

    I am just picking your brain. I appreciate every response. Very motivating.


  1. msbobbi
    i always did my kratom on a regular dosing schedule if i recall it was around 6 hours. my thinking on this was that i felt safer staying "ahead" of the withdrawal symptoms so i wouldnt risk getting pissy and relapsing. but i was also choosing to stay on it for a while i guess more in a substitute fashion i guess. it worked wonders for me and changed my life and probably saved it as well. i dont take it anymore and i don't actively use either though i would be lying if i said i didnt play with fire and mess around here and there.

    kratom tends to make people throw up or get a terrible headache if they overdo it and if that happens you are not like to do it again so if you feel you need more be easy with it and just because its a plant doesnt mean it won't kick your ass if you arent careful but if you need more then do it! imo its better than the alternative right? if you want to be very precise encapsulate it with the caps and maker you can get at health food stores. then you will always know what you are taking and bonus: you dont have to choke down the raw material anymore!

    good luck and stay strong! you can do this!
  2. heisenberg76

    Thanks for the reply and for wishing me luck. All the support helps.

    A couple of questions:

    How long did you end up staying on Kratom before stopping it completely?
    Did you have withdrawal symptoms when you finally stopped? Were they manageable?

    I am just trying to see what is in store for me after going from Opiates > Kratom > Nothing.

    Take care.
  3. Jungledog
    Welcome back. Hope the taper going better this time. I honestly stepped off kratom back in December with very little discomfort. I resumed it for pain management and have been tapering down again. I am in no rush. I don't consider kratom to be a problem for me.
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