Opiates to Kratom to Nothing. Find out what happens. - Part 3

By heisenberg76 · Feb 8, 2015 · ·
  1. Thanks Jungledog. I stocked up on Bali so i should be able to stay consistent with the alkaloids. Makes sense to do that.

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    Golddust Woman,

    We both are on around the same dose of Oxy. Are you still tapering with Kratom or are you clean?

    The anxiety is my worst symptom usually. I try to to go as long as possible before taking a .125 Xanax and inching up. I don't want to overdue the benzos. Just enough to make the anxiety tolerable.

    I have noticed caffeine is a no-no for me. During WDs it brings instant anxiety. Plus, caffeine with Kratom really increases the diuretic and stimulant effects for me.

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    The Maeng Da is very stimulating. If you are looking to use Kratom for opiate hangovers, WDs, etc, I recommend the Bali. It has more opiate-like properties (alkaloids).

    Hope that helps.

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    As for ROA with Kratom, I just do a toss and wash with OJ. Works fine for me. Chamomile tea definitely potentiates Kratom. I have done it many times.


  1. ianzombie
    Anxiety is a bastard.
    Have you tried valerian extract?
    There are lots of products available that are used to treat anxiety and/or insomnia that contain valerian extract along with other extracts like hops, passion flower, chamomile etc. I find them very helpful.
    Make sure you stick to red vein kratom, white and green vein strains can cause more anxiety in the same way caffeine dose.
    Avoid excess sugar too, the crash can also lead to anxiety.

    Have you stopped taking the Oxy altogether or are you tapering and using the kratom to top it up?
    It might be worth trying to stop useing the oxy altogether and wait until the withdrawals get too bad and then take a dose of kratom and see how long it holds you for.

    If you can stop using it then your tolerance will drop faster, keep in mind there will be a cross tolerance with the kratom and i have noticed that people seem to have a better success rate when only using one drug instead of topping up with kratom.

    I wish you all the best regardless of what route you take.
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