Opiates to Kratom to Nothing. Find out what happens. - Part 5

By heisenberg76 · Feb 9, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi Golddust,

    I took the time to read through your thread and wish you the best. I am hoping we can support each other through our Oxy tapers.

    Some Kratom Info You May Find Useful:

    I have taken Kratom extracts, tinctures, and plain leaf variants many times. Ingesting the plain leaf in OJ on an empty stomach is the best way to go in the morning. It should hit you and start relieving symptoms in 15-20 minutes - sometimes sooner. If you dose in the afternoon and evening, take the Kratom with OJ an hour after you eat. Kratom definitely works better on an empty stomach but I am only willing to skip breakfast. You may also notice frequent urination if you take Kratom with Coffee or other other caffeinated beverages. I have also had caffeine give me anxiety on Kratom. Some people don't experience this. That said, many users do, so just consider it.

    I just want to confirm how long you were on 50mg of Oxy. Was it 12 years straight no breaks?

    Take care!


  1. Golddust Woman
    Hi Heisenberg,

    Thank you for the kratom tips. OJ definitely makes it a lot better.

    To answer your question, I was first prescribed hydrocodone 40mg. per day for stomach pain that no cause could be found for. After a year, I started feeling pain in my legs, like bone soreness and ache. (Duh, probably tolerance) Anyway, I asked my doc if there was any way pain medicine could cause this, and he said he had never heard of that and switched me to oxycodone (percocet). The bone pain and muscle soreness was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I think it was benzos that caused some of the pain. I notice it is much reduced since I went off. He switched me back and forth over the years. Yes, I was on these meds for 12 years.

    I am totally off oxy right now and using kratom. I guess it has been 3 days. It seems like forever.

    I hope you are doing well. I mean as well as you can be during withdrawal.
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