Organic relatively healthy heroin user....what a joke - Part 12

By polskamarika · Sep 18, 2014 · ·
  1. I tried taking a subsolve 2 days ago, and I must say it was horrible. The medicine-Y taste was not pleasant, and just that feeling of taking medication, was bad. I stay away from pharmaceuticals, even over-the-counter. And I'm sure heroin is not part of an organic, health conscious person's daily ritual, but the zubsolv was just a reminder as to why I choose not to put anything in my body that is approved by our government. Yes I believe we are part of a mass genocide plan implemented by our government. I really want to find a way to leave this country. Denmark or Switzerland or Australia would be ideal. The subsolv was a solution to my being out of money and experience the dreadful kicks all night. And I do believe I waited long enough for the effects not to be negative. The kicking stopped. I was able to get some sleep, but i woke up to horrible stomach cramps and I was soaked in sweat. Then I felt icky all day. Not to mention I could not feel a shot I came across 9 hours later. So that was $50 down the drain. I would consider IV therapy if I wanted to quit. Who tried zubsolv and what is your opinion?


  1. polskamarika
    has anyone attempted a group detox before? Just wondering. also, is anyone here a health fanatic but also an addict?
  2. polskamarika
    signing back on to attempt another detox. It's been two years since I've signed on here. If I could just sleep off my first three days instead of being wide awake, thriving in pain and discomfort, then I could actually accomplish something.
  3. helpfulandless
    Wish you all the best.

    Are you able to get any diazepam and weed? That might ease the insomnia but will not remove it.

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    Just to add benzos are addictive so would not overdo it past the first 4 days. Be safe :)
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