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  1. Roots under my boots, it shoots out of the Earth, we been severed since birth.
    We been away, but we got a way back,
    In fact, we lack nothing but the ears,
    The eye and the heart.
    We're not far apart, we're always a part.
    The art of the ancients; respect and patience,
    We reconnect and reflect with mass effect,
    Dissect the disease with ease
    Through apparation guidance
    In defiance of the New World Order,
    Coincidence it's born from the decay,
    A porter of life's essence and essential
    For the growth of roots,
    The health of the system, yours and eco's.
    It's truth echoes through religions and folk stories of lore.
    I implore you to listen,
    I'm begging you to hear.
    Disband this Orwellian nightmare,
    I wish you were here.
    Find your roots,
    They're just below the surface,
    Because the psychotic pursuit of happiness is worthless when the answer is below us.
    Under my boots,
    I found my roots.
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