Over 20 years of weed - up in smoke - Part 4

By matt666 · Oct 15, 2014 ·
  1. Well...day 4 has been good and bad. Sleep still seems to be good although a 4am wake up from one of my girls put paid to anything more for the night. As she decided to sleep in our bed from then on I sweated like all hell so this morning required a change of sheets...

    Having some contrary withdrawal symptoms this evening. Feel tired but not even the slightest inclination to sleep. Satisfied that I've made it through another day but missing the "switch off" more acutely. Having moments of contentment that are interspersed with uncalled-for rage and hostility, generally directed inwards but one of my daughters copped it (for what was a relatively minor thing), obviously increasing my self-loathing quite considerably.

    Nonetheless, still hanging in there with no slips. Spoke to my normal supplier today, who happens to be my best mate. Not an ideal situation but I am determined to maintain our friendship and keep working my way through this. He's on board with me stopping so there's no "pressure" there apart from the pressure I put on myself.

    Anyways, hoping for some solid sleep tonight when I get the urge. I think I might bust out the melatonin to bring the rest on....


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