Over 20 years of weed - up in smoke - Part 6

By matt666 · Oct 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Haven't posted in a while as things have fallen over in a pretty big way. Not smoking every day but keep on resolving to stop and getting a day or two in and coming across opportunities to undo that work.

    Have stopped combining with tobacco after being given a vaporizer so that's something I guess.

    I'm alternating between being really upset with myself to not caring at all and feeling like I deserve this indulgence given everything else in my life. Like soso said above - what's the problem?

    I'll keep posting as things progress, wherever that may be.


  1. IrishJellyHead
    You need to make the decision to quit.

    That's where it starts, it's not a relapse if you only last a day or two.
  2. Hando
    Hi Matt,

    Hope you're doing well. I can sympathize with your position as a long time habitual marijuana addict, being one myself.

    Have you looked into switching to sativa from indica? ( I'm assuming indica is what you're using as it's by far the mostly widely available, if not apologies.) Definitely worth looking into as the cannabidiols/sativa, are probably a better fit for your requirements than the tetrahydrocannabinols/indica.

    Good luck mate, it's hard to give it away after prolonged use. Hopefully you don't get to read this as you've already moved on.
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