Over 20 years of weed - up in smoke - Part 7

By matt666 · Mar 23, 2015 · ·
  1. Thanks for the response Hando & Irish (from before Xmas - sorry bout that).

    I've been smoke free since 2nd January this year!!! Was a bit of a struggle there for a while, the sleep thing really did my head in there for a while, but getting through mostly now.

    I will admit that any number of mental issues have reared their heads in the last month or so as well and I have contemplated returning to the dark side but vigorous exercise certainly puts paid to that quickly. I credit this kind of activity for keeping this streak going so well.

    It's onwards and upwards!!!


  1. ianzombie
    Well done, that's great!
    Keep yourself busy, physically and mentally.
    I would take the opportunity to replace weed time with something else, maybe join a club or get a new hobby.

  2. john123470
    Hey Matt – well done on chucking the weed !

    Yes, physical exercise is key to quitting anything or simply enhancing the life you have. What kind of exercise do you do ?

    I also found meditation (specifically, Vipassana) excellent in clearing out the cobwebs. With meditation, stuff you consider problematic / threatening is relegated to the backseat. You get into those head spaces we drive over everyday without regard. The benefits are almost as tangible as those for physical exercise.

    Also, once you see any progress on this front, you are far less likely to spark up and pull down what you have achieved.
    Mind you, I still see Exercise and meditation as chores. No pain, no gain I spose ..
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