Over 20 years of weed - up in smoke - Part 9

By matt666 · Apr 3, 2015 · ·
  1. Totally agree PP. Did the vaping for a while there and found it did reduce the impacts on my throat and lungs.

    In some way I think that was the reason I used to stop when stopping entirely was what I really wanted.

    I actually had a couple of hits last night. Really dunno why. Frankly it was pretty horrible.... a great reminder of why I stopped... I don't feel bad about it or feel like I slipped up or anything. All's well!!!


  1. Papa Smurf
    From what I hear withdrawals go away after the 5-7 day hump. 12 to 48 hours in can be the hardest.

    I am a fellow sweet leaf addict, and too felt guilty when I relapsed. It gave me all the more reason to not smoke as I just felt bad. Felt as my heart were uneasy and my lungs slow and blocked from all the resin from smoking daily for so long.

    I found that if I went to go eat something every time I felt the urge to smoke, that it would satisfy that cannabinoid response from my body...

    Hope the road is well for you
  2. matt666
    Cheers there Papa!!

    Funnily (or stupidly) enough I chose the time I quit smoking to also quit sugar and coffee and let me tell you - sometimes a piece of fruit don't cut it lol.

    All back on the wagon here and doing well.
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