Oxycodone-No Stranger To The Rain - Part 10

By Golddust Woman · Feb 7, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I got caught with my pants down on this one. I have ordered the gabapentin like you said Beachwalk. I wish I could have gotten my hands on some Clonidine, JD. Just isn't in the cards for me.

    The newspaper had an article about a medical detox unit right here in the town I live in. My anxiety has made it so hard for me to even thinkf straight. That coupled with months of hardly any sleep has beenThe almost too much. Maybe, they can help me?

    The kratom helps some but my head is pounding. Is this normal? I can't eat or sleep. Also, severe depression now. I guess this to will pass.

    Maybe a little loperamide (getting desperate here) with the kratom?


  1. harry newnee
    Hi GDW and GD. I've been reading yours and several other posts for months now. So I feel like I kinda know y'all but you haven't gotten to know me yet. I'm here to help and I too am kicking.

    I'm on day 5 of home detox from 2 grams per day heroin habit. I'm also using gabapentin with naproxin ltyrosine and coke. Those 3 pills and drink with coke or oj to help absorption. All 3 are need to get maximum absorption!!! If you don't drink coke, which I don't but made an exception for this,anything with high acidity. The first 2 are more important I think. I also wasn't lucky enough to get clonidine but they did give me hydroxyzine instead which honestly doesn't do shit for me so I'm not to sure how much we are missing out on with the clonidine.

    I also use the following: magnesium ( calming) calcium, potassium, b12, b6, ltyrosine, and multivitamin, and for sleep valarian root, 5htp melatonin and the CVS or Walgreen's brand sleep aid. Oh and loperamide of course though I'm careful not to use too much for too long. I had to use super high doses of gabapentin. Like 1600 3x per day at some points I even tossed back 2000 mgs at a time. But now I'm down to 1200 2x per day. I'm feeling OK. Pretty damn good actually considering I kicked a huge habit with just some cold sweats and some restlessness. Oh wow! I guess technicly I'm on day 6 now that the sun has come up! Just wanted to send some info your way to hopefully help.. Good luck and we are here for you! As you already know, but I feel its always important to reiterate that especially in these times. Cheers!

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    Oh! And to answer your question. Yes! Take plenty of loperamide until u pick up that gabapentin.. Then afterwords you should barely even need it. I use just small doses as needed throughout.
  2. Jungledog

    Up the kratom. Take ibuprofen for headache. Yeah, try the medical detox unit in town. See if they can help. As for loperamide, if you use it keep the dose low. At high doses it can cause heart problems plus dependence if used long term. Yes, I used it but I also took meds to counteract the cardiac risk.

    Sorry this is happening to you. Keep strong. You can do this! Have you considered an antidepressant? It may help a lot to reset things after coming off all this crap.
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