Oxycodone-No Stranger To The Rain - Part 16

By Golddust Woman · Feb 13, 2015 · ·
  1. I am still alive and kicking this morning and it is freezing here. Glad I don't have to go out today. Sleep was a little better, the Lyrics does seem to be helping quite a bit.

    JD, I know you are right about the length of time being a huge factor. My brain and CNS has adapted to the drugs, and it will take a longer time for me to heal. I was hoping I might get off easy. NOT.

    Sleep really is a huge factor also. Who can feel well with broken sleep for months on end? I still think you are a lot braver than me. I don't know how you functioned at all, and I am so glad you found a less painful way to come off the opiates. I have also been Googling addiction hypnosis on YouTube and have listened to a few of them. This is to help with the cravings. My brain and body miss that warm, comforting feeling of the Oxycodone. It's strange, I never craved the benzos.

    Beachwalk, I ordered a sample pack that contains some Tawa Tuna Indo. Can't wait until it gets here. I also got out the hot/cold wrap for my aching head last night and it helped a lot. I drifted off to sleep. Thanks, I hadn't even thought of that.

    IanZombie, I found the kratom guide and read all of it. It did really educate me, and thanks for the tips. I don't have any money I wish to throw away. I will definitely order in bulk when I settle on the type of kratom and vendor that works best for me. I am anxiously awaiting my sample pack, and hope I have better luck than I did with the Borneo Red. That vendor had no sample packs and nonexistent customer service.

    Everyone have a great day!.GDW


  1. Jungledog
    I know it is hard about the sourcing. You see someone with bad kratom and in withdraw and you want to help them. I got lucky and found a good vendor the first time. It is cheaper to buy in bulk. I actually get the best pain relief with Maeng da but I like green malay the best. I find Bali really makes me tired.

    GDW, how is it going?

    Jungledog added 3 Minutes and 54 Seconds later...

    We were posting at same time!!! Lol

    Try to get clonidine. I sleep like a rock with this stuff. Good sleep makes all the difference.
  2. BeachWalk
    I fail to understand why, exactly, we're not allowed to mention sources. I know they are the rules but if this site is interested in harm reduction then why can't we help others find reliable vendors to aid in their recovery? Many people are in pain and withdrawal trying to get relief and it's very difficult for a lot of folks to even know where to start. It's not like I'm referring someone to a drug dealer to buy coke, but that's exactly how it feels. And, I believe that's the reason for enforcing these blanket rules. Yes, kratom is a drug. Yes it's legal in some places and not in others. I get it. But personally I do not see that they're in the same category for all the benefit kratom can provide for opiate withdrawal.

    Why can't this forum follow the lead of another significantly well-known site that has an area for recommended and verified kratom vendors? It would be nice if there was a place like that within this forum where people who really need help could go to locate safe sources.

    If there is a financial goal to keep this wonderful site afloat, doesn't it make sense not to drive traffic elsewhere? Or, worse send those who are truly looking for help on a wild goose chase when they need it most? I personally view helping others through withdrawal and subsequent recovery as harm reduction.

    Those are my thoughts and I hope I don't get banned for speaking my mind. I am really just trying to help people in pain who truly want to kick opiates find relief in a safe and secure fashion.
  3. Kitts
    This is a separate topic from Goldust Woman's journal so may need to move, but briefly - a reason source discussion is banned (Kratom for example), is because some drugs are illegal in some parts of the world but not others.* DF is a worldwide site. Can you image the crazy workload if staff had to chase around all members checking up that source discussion was not for *illegal* drugs and keeping up to date on changing schedules? The objective is to keep the site open, and any hint of sourcing could get DF shut down.
    That's just the way I see it, I'm sure one of the others could explain it far better.

    You're right about the financial situation - its very serious €1500 per month needed to save DF from final crash. Someone recently had as their signature "what would you do if it all went away tomorrow?". Makes you think. Hopefully we'll stay afloat. But I don't think allowing source discussion would really help that goal.
  4. BeachWalk
    Thanks Kitts for your reply. The only reason I brought it up here was because the topic was raised about sourcing; specifically in regards to my suggestion to GDW of Googling to find information.

    What you say makes sense from a legal standpoint. I do hope the financial goals are reached. This site does a tremendous service to so many members, not to mention, people who read but never register. I appreciate the information and all the work that you do as well.
  5. CKitten

    I have seen you pop into threads and leave those "nuggets" of help and truth.

    We have very similar issues in regards to pain and being on the same amount of Oxy. I am watching your progress to see if CT of Oxy at the same level that you were forced to. (About 50/60mgs-right?)

    I did find a few times when I ran low on Oxy or out and had to just ride through it, that taking OTC muscle relaxers with a B-6/12 combo and orange juice could help with that heavy feeling. The sugar in the OJ and the help with the absorption from the B vits helped me get over that edge of dragging.

    Lyrica was one of the only meds that I found helped with the FM. I was on it for a week and got up one morning to go to the bathroom, crawled back into bed and realized that I didn't have to have my husband help me out of bed. It really did do wonders for me but I hit the wall with the side effects and as much as being almost completely pain free was wonderful, I just could not deal.

    Best luck on what happens next!

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