Oxycodone-No Stranger To The Rain - Part 20

By Golddust Woman · Feb 21, 2015 · ·
  1. Wow, the Bali kratom us great! I think that other vendor sells shoddy kratom. The Red Borneo was kind of grey color ans this stuff smells and looks fresh and mixes so much easier with a little OJ. The other stuff would not mix well, no matter how I stirred. It definitely was bad kratom.

    I feel sooo much calmer and the rls is gone. I know I have to take it easy on the kratom, but it sure is nice to feel almost normal. I will try the Indo next time and after that the Meng day.

    Thanks so much for the tips about kratom. Being my first time with the other vendor, I just thought I was one of those people it didn't work too well for.

    Hope everyone is doing well


  1. BeachWalk
    I'm so happy for you GDW! Sounds like the first vendor had bad stuff. That's why it is so important to find a good vendor. Really glad you found the "other vendor" even if I had to get a demerit - it was worth it! ;)

    Bali will make you more relaxed so definitely helps with your anxiety. I now take mine in orange juice too but I blast it in my Nutribullet.

    The way I look at it, it's a great way to relieve withdrawal symptoms which you are still experiencing with the oxycodone and the benzos, so I wouldn't worry about getting addicted right now. You need it and its helping you and you're not taking oxy. Fantastic!
  2. ianzombie
    Its great to hear it is helping, just make sure you keep your dose as low as possible and leave as long as possible between doses.
    Make sure that if you are going to be using it for a while that you find a vendor that does not over-charge you. Buying from the source in bulk is usually a LOT cheaper.
    American vendors really do hike the prices up, some are almost criminal.
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