Oxycodone-No Stranger To The Rain - Part 25

By Golddust Woman · Mar 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi JD and Beachwalk,

    You are both right. I was so hoping I would be feeling normal by now, whatet ever normal feels like? I have been on opiates nonstop for so long, I forgotten what it feels like. Lol.

    I did take some kratom and it helped. Is it normal to retain water in your legs from Lyrica?

    I went to new doc yesterday. Not very happy. My blood showed an slightly increased erythrocyte count? Doc wondered if I was taking something I could be allergic to. I didn't tell him about the kratom. I think this happened years ago when I tried L-tryptophan for a couple weeks. I told the doc I have been using Valerian and magnesium almost daily. He told me to cut that out.

    I did get a prescription for the Clonidine. 01.mg twice a day. FINALLY! Slept like a baby. YEAH!!!

    JD, the doctors in this town really seem to know very little about opiate withdrawal comfort meds. I had to try to explain about neurotransmitters and what happens in withdrawal, and why the Clonidine would be helpful. Thankfully, he seemed to not get upset. Sometimes they do get a little hot under the collar when a patient asks questions or tries to explain why they might need a medicine. I don't know about all the doctors here, but most of the ones I have seen are not too swift. For example, one time I asked my old doc if maybe my vitamin D levels should be checked (bone tenderness), as I wasn't getting outside too much at that time. His response was, "What does vitamin D have to do with the sun?! I was just speechless. The doctors here also do not believe there is any withdrawal from benzos. Maybe a week and should be normal again.

    You are probably wondering by now what planet do I live on. Lol. I wonder this myself.

    My husband, (my boyfriend at the time) went in as an outpatient to have angioplasty on his right leg. He ended up being left to die with gangrene. I kid you not The surgeon did not review his medical records and went right through an existing bypass in his groin. This surgeon then released him. When I asked why he was in pain and why were the veins in his legs so distended, we were told this was normal. Long story short, we had to go back to ER due to severe pain in both legs and inability to stand. I watched for 5 days as nothing was done except for massive amounts of painkillers. His right leg turned pale, then red-purplish, then black. His left leg was ice cold to the touch to just below the knee. He was in a stupor.

    I had called his daughter, who happens to be a RN, and finally she believed me and went to see him. This was after I told her if she wanted to say goodbye to her Dad, she had better get over there.

    Needless to say, she was shocked. She later told her Dad, "I thought you were already dead because I could smell you before I got inside the room". A priest was there giving him his last rites. A hospital administrator was running around going nuts, because she was taking him out of there now. They insisted he had to have an ambulance and had to wait for a doctor to discharge him. What doctor? Never saw the surgeon or any doctor again after the outpatient procedure. He would not return my calls either.

    Anyway, his daughter disconnected the I.V. and her husband lifted him into a wheelchair and rushed him back to the hospital where she worked. The doctors there were appalled. They amputated that day above the knee. They gave him a less than 50% chance of surviving. They restored what blood flow they could to his other leg, but sadly a couple months later that one had to be amputated below the knee.

    A lawyer was going to take his case, but didn't. I guess he had bigger fish to fry with what this same hospital did to a former deputy sheriff and several others. The jury awarded the sheriff's deputy 167 million dollars. Of course the hospital appealed.

    I requested all his medical records. Of course they couldn't find any record of; him, but that didn't stop the bills from coming. We tried and tried to get a lawyer. It just wasn't going to happen. Most said no, due to his age and condition, he might not live through the trial. That was six years ago. He is still alive and doing well except he lives in a wheelchair now.

    Sorry, I went off on a tangent. I guess this is why I fear doctors now. I, personally, have not had too much luck in this part of the state. I probably wouldn't believe this if it hadn't happen


  1. Jungledog
    Glad you got help. Yes, medicine is all fucked up. We have become so specialized each person only knows their body part. Not surprising to me that the doctor had no clue. The reason I freaking decided to become an academic was to improve the providers we are turning out as there is a desperate need. The issue is education pays poorly and you can make much more in practice. So your better providers practice. Many educators have not been in practice for years and have no clue!!! It is really scary.

    Well hope you feeling better. Love to you.
  2. Golddust Woman
    Hey JD,

    I am glad the medical profession had someone like you. I only wish there were more with your knowledge and compassion. Both your patients and students are a very lucky group of people.

    Are you still vomiting? I am so worried about you. Life is just not fair sometimes. You deserve to be healthy and happy.

    Much love and blessings, GDW
  3. Jungledog

    Yeah, still vomiting. Really starting to piss me off. Put myself on omeprazole yesterday. Will see if that helps. They tested me for H pylori (the critter that causes ulcers). Soon I should have some clue. Still probably need to be scoped but I want to see ultrasound and lab results first.

    You are very kind. I love my jobs. I really do. Both bring me joy. I love to mentor young people. Over the weekend I got the nicest text from an old medical assistant of mine. She came from nothing and a violent home. I convinced her she could grow. She is now enrolled in PA (physician assistant) program. She texted to tell me how I changed her life. It was incredibly sweet.

    How are you feeling? I am worried about my energy when I step off this crap.
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