Oxycodone-No Stranger To The Rain - Part 26

By Golddust Woman · Mar 8, 2015 · ·
  1. JD,

    It is so wonderful that you positively influence so many lives. I had a professor like that years ago. He encouraged me so much. I don't think I would have the life I have today if not for him. He had a way of making one see things in an entirely different way. What would the world be without mentors like you.

    I cannot wait until you get your results. I know that sounds silly. I guess I am an old mother hen lol. I just want you to not have to worry and I want you to be well.

    Kratom might be the culprit. Or maybe the combination of medicines with it? I know you will figure this out.

    I am glad the vomiting has stopped. This is a good sign. I want you well so you can go on your mission trips and come back and tell us all about it. I am so excited for you. I have never been out of the country, so like to hear about other's experiences.

    Wishing lots of energy and health your way. GDW


  1. BeachWalk
    GDW - So very sorry that happened to your husband. That must have been a nightmare for you as well. And now it sounds like you are his primary caregiver. That can be a very stressful job as I'm sure you know. I am taking care of my elderly mother which I consider a gift. It can however really take a toll if I'm not careful and take breaks for my own health. It's no wonder we turn to medication to mask our feelings and pain.

    How are you feeling these days? Any better with withdrawal symptoms? So glad you finally got clonidine.

    I'm going to decrease my kratom tomorrow or do cold turkey. I have been tapering it for awhile now. Not looking forward to it but it served a wonderful purpose getting off oxycodone and now I'd just like to use it once in a great while (vs daily) for acute pain.

    Have a good week and will be in touch. Hugs to you.
  2. Jungledog

    Our healthcare system sucks in certain parts of this country. We do a very poor job with wellness and Americans do a shitty job of caring for their health. Everyone is overweight, eats garbage, and fail to exercise. What happened to your husband is awful and I wish I could say it happens rarely. The reality is I force everyone I know to be admitted where I work so I can closely follow their case. When my parents were admitted, I never left their side. But I am blessed to have knowledge of what to do. The doctor I work with once gave me the best compliment by saying "Working with you is like working with another attending physician. I never worry about my patients when you are on call." Made my day. I am so very sorry you and your husband had to endure that.

    Professors can change lives. Of course there are many who suck but good ones can really help!

    How you feeling?
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