Oxycodone. Third times a charm. - Part 29

By House32 · Jul 29, 2015 · ·
  1. Cherokee was my first love, it was what hooked me to being a Jeep lover. I've owned Cherokee, Patriot, Compass...and finally settled into my dream rig "the wrangler" I bought it in 2012 brand new from the dealer, was my first ever brand new car. I absolutely love it!!

    Especially living in Canada where we get winter/snow half the year, I've never been stuck yet Even when they warn people not to drive on the roads, that's when I have the most fun!

    But your right, it's amazing what an open road, wind in your hair, and some good tunes can do for the mind. Honestly I felt like I wasn't even detoxing.

    House32 added 901 Minutes and 36 Seconds later...

    Day 5 has arrived!!

    I slept pretty good all things considered. Actually managed to get a solid 7 hours sleep!! Wtf right? I only dosed kratom twice yesterday with a total of 6g for the day. I'm pretty happy with that.

    Woke up feeling like I took 2 steps back from yesterday...but after being awake for an hour not feeling to bad. The legs pains have lessened, and maybe I'm still sore because of my active day yesterday.

    I made plans to go visit my aunt today at Noone. She has a big swimming pool for my daughter to swim in. It's kinda perfect as its going up to 34+ today with a humidity. So the pool will be nice. Another reason I'm going is my grandmother left me a few things when she passed and my aunt wanted to give them to me. So I'm a little emotional about that as me and my Granny was very close.

    It was actually after her passing is when I really ramped up my oxycodone use. So it's kind of ironic that I'm now clean and my aunt finally invites me over to give me a few things. Almost like my grandmother's way of saying I know your struggling, but you won't have these till your sober.

    Overall I'm very happy where I am at for day 5. This detox was definitely a lot easier than my last. Was reading my old journal and on day 4 I was bad!! I would of never even of left my house. I just feel silly for torturing myself the way I did. It took a good 3 tries to finally get this train rolling...but it's going full speed now.

    I'm gonna see how this morning goes before I say no kratom as I know how fast things can change, but if I do use, I'll prob go down to 2g. Making its 4g total for the day. It's insane how fast your mood can change. Yesterday I woke up feeling great at 6am. By 9:30am I was experiencing widthdrawl symptoms.

    Here's to day 5!!

    House32 added 113 Minutes and 37 Seconds later...

    Just as I figured... 2 hours after writing my journal severe pain in legs, headache and little upset stomach. Just dosed 2g of kratom as I leave shortly and will be miserable if I arrive feeling like this. Ughh and here's my 2 steps back!


  1. Roxywarrior
    Isn't detox wonderful bro? At least you know what you are up against... I just learned to really appreciate the ups and know the downs last less and less. I still get them, yesterday was a rough day, especially the morning. Today, a lot better thank God. Hang in there bro, the worst is behind you. You are kicking ass!!
  2. Roxywarrior
    How are you bro? Hope you are doing OK, give us an update!!
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