Oxycodone. Third times a charm. - Part 30

By House32 · Jul 30, 2015 · ·
  1. Sorry for the late update folks...

    Yesterday's pool party turned out to be a hit. I really enjoyed just being outside and taking in the sun. Honestly for the brief time I totally forgot I was in detox.

    Day 6,

    It's been crap!! Been just laying around all day...and for some reason my leg pains have become intense again..however I haven't taken any kratom today!! And yesterday was only 2g.

    I did start my anti depressant today (wellbutrin) it's a slow release tablet that last 24 hours. So far I have not noticed any difference and still feel pretty crappy!

    I'm actually regretting starting it before atleast getting a few days kratom free under my belt, because from what I read kratom use with Wellbutrin can cause seizures. So I kinda screwed myself and have to suffer these dredded leg cramps!! But some may say that's a good thing. But suffering like this is driving me mad!!! I feel like I'm going to go off the deep end...

    Anyways, can't take back what's already done... but I'm half tempted to give 2g a try and just start the wellbutrin on Monday. I'm sure 1 dose shouldn't be in my system already?! Any thoughts on that? I know Rox mentioned you used wellbutrin before?


  1. Roxywarrior
    Yes I did, but I wasn't using kratom or any other drugs so I can't say the effect. I'm sure others will. Chime in, but using it once I don't know how much it would really effect things. Figure serotonin is already low... But that's just my non expert, non medical, probably foolish point of view. You are doing awesome bro. You know things really turn around soon... You are really getting over that hump bro. I'm so happy to ready where you are at. Keep it up!!
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