Oxycodone to Kratom. Reduction of dose, maintenance and switch over. - Part 5

By Lex_Talioniz · Feb 10, 2015 · ·
  1. Thanks Ianzombie, great advice. So you're really saying I can switch from oxycodone to kratom and feel relatively normal? My biggest fear is losing my temper, suffering with my mood and physical discomfort (i.e. the main typical WD symptoms) but if I am suffering immensely my work as a carer would suffer and that can't happen. I've recently been able to carry on with oxy and have chosen to do so as there have been quite a few changes in the way I need to run my routine and I need to be in the pattern with the drugs before I attempt to follow the pattern without. I should be ditching the oxy by the end of this week realistically but I know I'll milk it for all it's worth; an addict's nature.

    Unfortunately I have tried the kratom (and on top of oxy) but I haven't started using both together. I wanted to know if it would have any affect and I can definitely say the red vein Sumatra did, indeed, show good effects on me. Toss and wash is my preferred method (years of CWEs and dabs of MDMA on the tongue make things like kratom rather benign in the taste department). Mixing with water and drinking is very similar to doing the same with spirulina.

    Thank you for detailing the recommended method for dosing as far as withdrawals go, so that I may find my own sweet spot and not over do it. Also, thanks for the other recommendations. I know of three ways to quit opiates: long, slow taper to nothing; Thomas Recipe with all sorts of benzos and muscle relaxants etc.; and the method you suggested which is, frankly, the healthiest method in which one can stay in tune with their own recovery and themselves as they fight back to who they really are without the substances of abuse.

    So cheers for all the input, I will try my best to follow your advice.


  1. Jungledog
    For me, I was able to switch back and forth from oxycodone to kratom (when I was using) without any withdraw. The key is a good vendor. Good luck!!
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