Oyxies-Good Bye, my Friend and Worst Enemy . - Part 1

By OxyHippie · Apr 26, 2015 · ·
  1. My overall story can and is being told by countless people every day. That being chronic pain patients getting dependent/addicted to pharmecurtical pain killers. In my case I went from Codeine to Hydrocodone and finally to Oxycodone and MS Contin over a period of close to three decades.

    I do not have the will power to taper in any way, but have gone cold turkey many times. The longest I stayed 'clean' was over three years ago. (8 months) Then came three more major surgeries, and back on Oxyies.

    I also have a digestive disease that the Opioids were starting to really affect. I just went through another Cancer scare in my digestive tract. After all the tests/procedures I had 3 weeks ago, my GI Dr. concluded that the Opiods were causing significant problems in my GI tract. My GI Dr. advised me and my PCP that I was to discontinue use of all pharmecurtical pain killers for long term pain management, once and for all.

    I know all about hyperalgesia and know that I was once again experiencing it, and I also completely understand that in 99% of cases Opiates/Oids should not be used to treat long term pain management. But, as many of you reading these lines know that these drugs can also work very well to mask all the emotional pain that we all go through, and I use these drugs for that as much as pain management.

    Even after my GI Dr. told me that I must immediatley cease the use of Opoids, I only made it a couple of days before I went back using them.

    I went to see my GI Dr. of 27 years last Thursday (today is Saturday). He told me everything I already knew concerning long term use of this class of drugs for long term management. So, yesterday (Friday), I once again went cold turkey. I know my life depends on me staying clean.

    I know all of the things that I need to do for this Acute Withdrawal phase, and the PAWS that will be the tough part of all of this. For me like most of us, getting clean is the easy part, staying clean is the real journey.

    Not feeling too bad as I write this on Saturday morning, except I already did not sleep very well last night. For me, that is the worst part of getting off of Opiates/oids. The insomnia, and lethargy.

    I will continue to journal on here for support, and accountability.

    Thanks for reading, and to all of those that have gone before me on this tough journey!


    OxyHippie added 429 Minutes and 9 Seconds later...

    Well, shortly after I wrote my first posting, I felt like I got hit with a massive sledgehammer. Feeling very bad, and hurt like hell,but was able to sleep some this afternoon. No Oxycodone though!


  1. Jungledog

    Welcome to DF. My story mimics yours. For me, the pain didn't change much off the opiates but for many it does. I have been effectively managing my pain with kratom, baclofen, and gabapentin. I also eat very well. Get enough omega 3s, tons of veggies, exercise, and do restorative yoga. Oh and Cymbalta really helped my pain too.

    Did they give you anything to manage the withdrawal? I find clonidine and high dose gabapentin to be incredibly helpful. Try a yoga position called "legs up the wall" when anxiety and insomnia get horrific. Drink lots of fluids and just try to rest. 27 years of opiates will require 1-2 years of recovery. Take it one day at a time love. We will be here to support you. Do you have a support system and recovery plan in place?

    Love to you.
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