Oyxies-Good Bye, my Friend and Worst Enemy . - Part 2

By OxyHippie · Apr 26, 2015 · ·
  1. Thank-you, so much JD for chiming in!

    No, I did not get anything to manage the withdrawal symptoms. The last time I went to my Primary Care Giver in March for a refill of Hydrocodone, they did a drug test, and found other Opiods including Oxycodone and Valium in my system, which I had not been prescribed, so I have not been back. I do need to go back and talk to him about my addictions, as he seems to be a compassionate Dr. He knew I was 'trying' to get off of Opioids, as I was indeed 'trying' to taper to no avail. I do have Gabapentin and baclofen. I have just been using the Gabapentin at this time as a sleep aid. I live in a state in the USA where Cannabis is legal. I grow ,make and injest Cannabis infused Coconut Oil capsules. Those help some for the pain, but I do not like the psychoactive affects of Cannabis. (I don't like to get 'high'). I am growing some strains now that have very little THC in it, but are high in CBDs (the pain reducing compounds in Cannabis.)

    I have been eating better, but need to REALLY start exercising more again. In fact, I will go for a nice walk here in a while, as I live in the country and have a very nice road to walk on. I was doing yoga before I had my first knee surgery(Total Knee Replacement), and absolutely loved it. I will certainly look into restorative yoga today, and in particular "legs up the wall" position. I will begin practicing 'Mindfulness Meditation' again, as that helped me when I was clean for 8 months.

    Thank you for the reminder of 'one day at a time'. For me right now on the start of day 3 of the Acute Withdrawal phase, it is one minute at a time.

    No I do not have any real support system or plan in place right now. I of all people know that I do need that. Four years ago after I got hurt on the job from the trade that I loved to do, I actually was going to college to become a Chemical Dependency Counselor. I know, what hypocrisy on my part, right? I do have such a heart for others with addiction issues. I was a hard core addict/alcoholic from the age of 12-20. Haven't had a drink in 30 years, or any other illegal substances. I also lost 2 of my younger brothers to suicide, due to drug and alcohol use over 20 years ago. Anyway, I know that I do need to get a plan and a support system in place.

    I read Sleepy Nurses thread yesterday, and the full reality hit me that I have dealt with untreated depression my whole life. That is an issue that I need to deal with as well.

    I am just beginning a new relationship with my niece, her daughter and boyfriend. They are coming over today for dinner, and really looking forward to that. She is my only niece, and is the daughter of my second brother that committed suicide. Her mother, who took up with a man when my niece was only 7, and he immediately began molesting her. She is now 25 and doing great overall. She works in the medical field, but obviously has a lot to deal with emotionally, but wants to be a family, as we are the only ones in the family that are 'somewhat' normal. I think I will confide in her today with what I am going through. I think it will be good for both of us.



  1. Kitts
    Hi Oxy, good to see you here doing battle once more, old friend. You sound super positive and full of ideas which is a great sign. Starting up some exercise is an especially good one, even if it's only a little bit of exercise to begin with. What I used to do was take my phone out for a walk (with my dog) and set the timer for the number of minutes we were going to walk out for. When it went off, we'd turn back. And we gradually increased the time we walked out for each day. It worked a treat.

    Just be careful not to overdo it too much at once. A little bit a couple of times a day is better than one big walk when you have injuries to consider.

    I hope your family dinner goes well. Keep on writing how you're doing, even on the really bad days. It can be very therapeutic (as I'm sure you know).
    Sending you very best wishes and rooting for you, Kitts.
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