Oyxies-Good Bye, my Friend and Worst Enemy . - Part 3

By OxyHippie · Apr 27, 2015 · ·
  1. Day 4
    Thanks Kitts, for the very warm welcome back! This time is it, as far as opiate/opoid intake for me is concerned. I am so tired of all the horrendous damage this class of drugs do to our brains and bodies.

    Yesterday was perfect day with my niece and her boyfriend. He helped me do some clean up around my property. My lower back was a solid 8-9 after we got done. NO desire to take any Oxys thoughs.

    My lower back from L4 clear down to the rest of my spine is in Very BAD shape. Had every test known to man on my lower back, as that is where my original pain really started to take hold, and that is where the injury to my back occurred. All the test and imaging shows that I have about everything that can be wrong with one's lumbar region of the spine. I was/am at that point that all the medical practitioners can do is a 3-4 level fusion to my lumbar. I have met and read about so many people that were way worse off after their first and successive fusions to their lumbar. I had to have a 3 level fusion to my neck a couple of years ago. In that I had no choice, as it was affecting my arms,hands, and fingers.

    Anyway, slept great last night, with the help of 60mgs. of Gabapentin, 5mgs of Valium, a strong night time Canna Capsule and some Cannabis tincture I make. I feel fairly well this late morning. My mind does feel off, and I do have that constant aching pain in my lower back. But all is well, so the show must go on. I know that I will not succumb to taking any Oxys this day. The benefit to risk ratio is just not worth it.

    Just got done doing some core strengthening exercises and some arm work. Yes, I am taking it slow on the exercising to begin with again. I will get more exercise today, as I need to do some more clean up outside so that I can mow and weed eat, the 2 acres I try to maintain. I took the dogs out for a walk earlier, and it is going to be another perfect day to work outside. Since I will be working by myself, I will be listening to music. For me music really releases a lot of Endorphins, thus helping me keeping my mind off the pain in my back and knee.

    Ok, I am going to go make a healthy smoothy, and head outside to work.

    You all have a good day/night!



  1. Jungledog
    Healthy, clean eating, daily exercise, fresh air and the joy of the company of others IS the magic medicine your body needs to heal. You are on the right track my friend!! Push through the shitty withdrawal feelings.

    Google "restorative yoga and anxiety" and "restorative yoga and insomnia." Do each of the poses for 3-4 minutes each to quiet music. I use music by Enya. This type of yoga works magic on your overactive sympathetic nervous system in withdrawal and literally engages the parasympathetic nervous system. It works better than Valium or Xanax!!!! I still can't freaking believe how well it works. Do it daily for 30 minutes, in the morning and then do it before bed and follow it with a warm lavender bath. Trust me on this. It totally works to heal your brain of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. For me, it worked within 3/4 days.

    Love to you.
  2. Ellen042
    OH, I'm so sorry to hear your dilemma! If it matters, I am also a chronic pain patient who can no longer take opiates, but at least I get to wean off them. (I have a Chari Malformation and Lyme disease. Three open skull surgeries, cervical laminectomies, 10 years of IV antibiotics, and 10 years 100% bedridden.). I may be able to relate to your dilemma.

    Is Lyrica an opiate? I know it's a controlled substance for some reason, but it's supposed to be better for pain control. Some people here find Kratom useful for pain control, but I'm not sure if it's sufficient for your needs. Sounds like your garden can really help you out, if it's legal to grow and to self-prescribe. I don't know much about it. If you hear anyone suggesting a loperamide taper, BEWARE: loperamide is an opiate!!!

    I suppose you've already been through physical therapy? If not, I found it a great help after major skeletal surgeries. I'm not even sure if you've got the strength for physical therapy. Please excuse me if not.

    I really do think that much if not most of your pain is from opiate withdrawal and that it will ease with time. I've been on opiates for the past 13 years and am now in more pain coming off them than before I ever started them. I'm praying your pain eases up with each new day.

    You're going to be OK. Thank you for taking the innitiative to post. Keep us updated.

  3. gbread
    Dear OxyHip,

    Was moved to tears when I read your story. What a lot of guts it takes to admit one is powerless over something. In your case, a doctor brought the dilemma and put it in your lap. Might be a blessing in disguise, although I totally relate to the withdrawal from oxycodone. I took it for almost 6-9 months until I had surgery for fibroid tumors. Good God almighty.

    I had to wean off so slowly and I almost lost my freakin mind. Even after weaning to crumbs, I craved it so badly I went rummaging in my parent's bathroom and then to the basement looking for God knows what. Would've smoked catnip had I thought it would make me feel like a cat looks on catnip! haha. But alas, the days passed and weeks. I finally stopped thinking about it. Mild exercise and diet helped, but time, just time, my friend is the great healer. Yoga is also an excellent suggestion.

    And if you are spiritual, prayer. I am one that believes wholeheartedly that if there is a God, He ought to be able to anything. Not religious, but I do believe it. Ive been sober for over 2 years and have weaned down on loperamide, my last demon, to 4 a day. What a battle.

    I also go to meetings regularly and they are my lifeline along with drugs-forum. Only there they are in person live and we hug and laugh and share all of life together. If you cant or won't do that, we will all sweep in to help carry you when you feel you cant walk anymore. So many good people here!! SO many SMART freakin BRILLiANT members here with hearts of gold. I guess you may know that I surmise from your post.

    So onward and UPward for you my friend. I, too, like Ellen will be praying for you and following your thread. I have a journal on here as well and it has truly saved my life.

    Just know that you CAN do this. I know you can!

    One Day at a Time, Easy Does it, and Let go and Let God.
    Much love and BIG hugs to you!
  4. Ellen042
    How are you today, OxyHippie? Ellen
  5. gbread
    Yes Oxy:D - Checking in on you this morning! I hope you know you have the "opiate crew" and others now are surrounding you with BIG hugs and lots of LOVE!! Today may be another difficult day, but just push through it. Just push through it. If it's better, embrace it, my friend!

    Good days and bad days and eventually the good become more and more! Hope you tried some of the suggestions, especially the yoga. I am going to try it myself.

    Anyways, I hope your night was better, if not, I and 'we' are here for you! Just know we are all here for you, so post as often as you can and we will be here to catch you or guide you along.

    I know you can do it!

    Much love, GBread:cool:
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