Permanent damage? help from anyone - Part 4

By mike55 · Oct 4, 2014 · ·
  1. the thing is alcohol is not nearly as nuerotoxic as other substances and research chemicals plus the bullshit they add into it. i think i have severe nerve damage, no alcoholics have the symptoms i have. i cant feel pleasure from anything not orgasm, weed or even alcohol and im having adverse effects from everything.

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    yes i got my results back from the eeg and mri which came out normal but i expected that as eeg is just brain waves and mri is surface/tissue damage n i know i have damage on the cellular/ nueron/ nerve level. since those results came out normal my nuerologist just scheduled an appointment in 4-8 months to check up which is dissapointing they said there is nothin else they can do. they told me to go to the hospital n let them know which tests ive had done n they can do further tests from there n possibly bring a nuerologist to the hospital. im also exaggerating my symptoms n mentioning different symptoms so they take me more seriously n urgently to do more tests cuz if i just say "Im having adverse effects effects to any n every drug/alcohol" they r not gonna give two fucks cuz they r doctors they wont think i should be doin it anyway n if i say "depersonalization n cant feel orgasms n havin twitches" they r just gonna send me to a psychiatrist n shit,i really need to find out whats wrong n need help.

    the thing is man, im not just some newbie n paranoid n blowing it outta proportion cuz of a bad comedown or some shit, like im so real about everything n realistic like im having serious problems n damage done. like not a little brain fog n minor depression like i physically literally cant feel an orgasm or experience weed alcohol nothing, i have 0 luxuries in life now. im just scared its nerve damage which is irreversible cuz of my symptoms, like my brain isnt low n depleted from continues drug use, cuz even heavy drug users can still take the drugs n feel them but i cant anymore like tht nuerotoxic bs i took took me over tht tippin point of no return. like destroyed the nerve.

    but my mood has been ok. i try to be optimistic n think ill recover but i cant imagine just all of sudden being cure n healthy 100 percent like idek wht im waiting on to cure up. ya waiting for my brain to heal or nuerogenesis to happen or nuerotransmitters but idk, i need some hope or some signs tht im getting better im waiting n prayin for tht day. like deep down i feel im a statistic n tht one guy who got fucked over for life n hoping for nothing. cuz i just KNOW i overtook some extremely filthy toxic shit tht depleted my brain n smokin makin it stronger. like id feel better if i had some type of sensation at orgasm or atleast got high but not feel as good but its the fact tht there is NO sensation n i dont get high At ALL tht scares me tht it could be permanent. n also tht i took tht shit 4 months ago.

    im officially 6 weeks alcohol n 8 weeks weed free today. sorry for my rambling n complaining n worrying, i just need some sign of hope ;( n im so mad at myself, my life was perfect.


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