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  1. For the past 2 years I've been struggling with subutex. I found out 6 months ago I was pregnant and under close supervision of my OB I decided I wanted to kick them once and for all before my baby is born. I'm not comfortable with the idea of delivering the baby and risking him withdrawl and I myself don't want to withdrawl when having a newborn baby to care for. I slowly weaned off an 8mg dose and jumped at 2mg. The first day without wasn't that bad. I started to feel some anxiety and only slept 2 hours but it was manageable. Day 2 was full of mood swings , more heighened anxiety, stomach cramps, and intense insomnia. I lasted till day 3 and decided to call my doctor. I didn't have much hope and wasn't sure what he could or would be willing to do to help me. Turns out he couldn't see me that day but would see me first thing the next morning. I kept telling myself it would be okay if I could make it one more day but was feeling imense anxiety about the appointment and un sure of what he could do to help me. Day 4 I stumbled into his office looking a hot mess and almost to tears. He asked me if I was willing to take a drug test and with nothing to hide I obliged him. To my suprise he was very compassionate and wanted to help make me comfortable the best he could. He told me he could tell I was really determined to get off the subutex and better myself. He monitored the baby and there were no signs of distress. My blood pressure was a little high and I was shaking from trying to contain RLS. He told me he was going to prescribe me Clonidine and Ativan. He went over the risks of the Ativan and warned there may be small risk to the baby but he felt like the benefit outweighed the risk and I agreed. I was so relieved he was willing to help n get through this. I made my way to the pharmacy and was asked by the pharmacist if I was pregnant. I answered the question and at REFUSED to give me my meds without speaking to my doctor directly to make sure he knew I was pregnant and agreed to give me the med. Feeling the rejection and the full force of withdrawl I broke down and yelled at her and said obviously he knows I'm pregnant has an OBGYN and he sent the script electronically. His office closed early since it's Friday and now I have to suffer the weekend until Monday. I'm trying to stay positive and think of all the times I had to get through withdrawl without help but I'm struggling not to break down and take the rest of my Subutex which I know would be a setback because you arent supposed to mix Benzos and Subutex and my doctor trusted me enough to prescribe it to me in the first place. I'm really struggling to keep doing the right thing I know is best for my baby but that stupid Subutex is calling my name. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?


  1. uberhigh
    So, did the pharmacist dispense the meds or were you refused in the end?
    1. SweetlyMe
      The pharmacist denied to give them to me. I'm really hoping Monday my doctor can get this all sorted out. I haven't slept a wink since the 2nd day. I'm barley holding on by a thread but I haven't taken Subutex yet. I've taken 5 hot showers , bit my lips raw , and my legs are sore from kicking , and somehow I'm somewhat sane .
    2. uberhigh
      That's great, hang in there. It might be worth it. Just think of the beautiful, wonderful child that will come into your life so very soon. Do it for the little one.
  2. MiracleMommy35
    Oh sweetie I am so sorry! That pharmacist was an idiot. Have you considered trying Loperamide and high dose Vitamin C? I'm pregnant as well (16 weeks) and I'm coming off of an opiate addiction. I quit CT and for the past 3 day I have been taking 12mg lope in the am and 12 in the pm along with 10grams total of Ester C. My withdrawal has been totally manageable! I've also been taking Unisom for sleep. I've been wearing down on the lope by 4 mg per day so on day 2 I took 10mg in the am/pm and day 3 I took 8mg. You could also consider taking 15-20 mg of DXM (my doc approved it for me if I have a cold while pregnant) and that is also said to help with WDs. You can do it! Worst case scenario take the sub, tell your doc what happened and try again next week.
  3. PaulaBell
    Have you considered methadone? I know the clinic I go to they closely monitor your dose, for you and the baby, and if you feel stable and ready they offer 21 day detox- they steadily decrease your dose daily until you're down to zero. Personally, methadone saved my life. When I was on suboxen there was no structure for me so most of my strip got sold or traded
    1. SweetlyMe
      Unfortunately there is no Methadone clinic where I live and going every day wouldn't be reasonable for me anyway. I had to drive 3.5 hours every month and pay $400 cash once a month just to get to the Sub doctor I was seeing. Unfortunately where I live there's just not much help for us. I feel fortunate enough im a mother because I know Men in my town have it much harder trying to get the help they want.
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