Preparing for first home methadone detox - Part 3

By siouxzee369 · Oct 14, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi everyone, thanx for all the support. I've only just joined DF but you guys have been amazing.
    I think I'll be ok not using on top but I plan to keep in touch as I progress cos you're the only support I've got at the moment.

    I haven't met my new Key Worker yet. I told the prescribing doctor that my last one was as good as useless to me. She wasn't much older than my son and couldn't possibly relate to my problems. She had no life experience such as dealing with a violent partner with mental health and drug problems or bringing up a son who works as a butcher all day and DJ's at illegal parties all over the country most weekends with 'Mandy' for company, etc etc.

    Hopefully the next key worker I get assigned to will be a bit more on my wavelength!
    My prescibing doctor is fine and as long as I stick to the agreed care plan and keep giving clean samples there shouldn't be any problems.

    The vals are for 2 weeks only, just to ease the anxiety of my mind and body as I adjust to coming off gear completely and onto the methadone.

    The doctor is in no hurry to reduce my script, it will all be done at a pace I feel comfortable with, which is defo something to be grateful for cos I know from others that coming off 'done is a bitch.

    But I feel confident that she will prescribe whatever I need, when I do eventually reach the final stages of my taper, to make coming off it completely as painless as possible.

    I know I'm lucky to have her help but I only get to see her once every 12 weeks, inbetween her clinics I should have weekly appts with this new key worker but no appointments are on the horizon just yet!

    Good job I've got you all here on DF to talk to, so thanx again for the advice and support you've given me and as promised I'll let you know how I get on.

    Be lucky........Sue


  1. Loveluck29
    Hi sue,

    It's great that you have a plan for this. It sounds like a well thought out one at that! I also think it's great that you aren't in a rush to get off of the methadone once you start. I think a lot of people try to rush it before they are really 100% ready which can often lead to relapse. Especially with your husband still using this is especially important.

    Good luck and keep us updated :)
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