Preparing for first home methadone detox - Part 5

By siouxzee369 · Oct 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi everyone, thought I'd let you all know how things are going with my methadone detox from heroin
    The prescribed medications are working great, haven't felt a single withdrawal symptom while changing over

    The head side is harder than I thought it would be though, but having a partner who still uses daily is not helping!
    And its not helping either that I've had no contact or support from my local drugs service since I saw their doctor on the 2nd Oct!

    The evenings are the worst for me, I get so bored just sitting there watching his TV shows and listening to his constant one sided chatter - he's like a clingy child needing constant attention - I just want to take some valium and sleep until he goes to bed but he would do his nut if I did that

    I'm well aware that crashing out aint the best way to cope with the head battle though, so I've been thinking about other ways I can occupy my mind and still be there to keep him company

    When my son left home over 2 yrs ago I turned his room into an art studio but when he came back home in july all my art stuff had to be packed away. Today I'm getting some out again and clearing a corner in the living room where I can work in peace and distract myself from the cravings

    When I'm drawing or painting the time just flies by and I lose myself completely in my work, yet I'm still in the room if needed

    Hope this idea works, will let you know
    Thanks for all your support and advice, its great to know that others care
    Be lucky, Sue xx


  1. Cmenot
    Sounds like you are doing very well, have you tried calling the center to talk to your new keyworker? I think its a great idea to work on your art. I think it would be good for you to get out to a recovery type meeting too, this might help you with dealing with family members that are still using. Good job sticking to the methadone!
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