psychedelic feelings while withdrawing - Part 1

By stoneybridge · Oct 30, 2014 ·
  1. Hi, i'm 40/ male i've been on various uk blends for the past 18 months, starting with Annihilation what ever the hell was in that to recently, own blends of 5f-akb48 and ab-fubinaca.

    Got more and more into this crap to the point where weeks would just fly.
    I'd be medicated 10 minutes after getting home from work till 30 mins before i had to get up with no recollection of the time high...weekends went in a flash, i'd get to work on Monday and have the first food since Friday lunchtime,my weight has crashed and people are noticing.

    Got a week off work so thought it should be used getting off this shit as i had a job interview as well...

    The job interview was Tuesday...finally managed to get my head around to not keep fucking dosing at 12pm 4pm i had a few odd symptoms like coming down from a psychedelic.

    With weird feelings, trippy thoughts...auditory strangeness, weird things happening just next to you that your brain just made up.

    This has lasted for 2 days....interview day was a complete nightmare, i had to catch 3 trains and spend the whole day traveling to and from while trying not to lose my mind at all the crazy shit going on on the national railway that was all done on that day for me, trumen show style which i was getting more and more convinced of.

    KK so that's not good, i have to stop, i have to go back to work in 4 days, i'm expecting an "he better get his shit together on his week off" meeting if things don't go so well.

    Last night i took an etizolam which helped greatly, had some sleep but the trippy feelings have come back tonight, and now feel like i've been at a rave all night, weird melting feeling if you stop doing anything, odd thoughts and reasoning.

    Does this ring any bells to anyone? wondering on my chances on making a decent enough recovery to keep my job on Monday :( plus side is there are no cravings as yet.


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