psychedelic feelings while withdrawing - Part 3

By stoneybridge · Nov 4, 2014 ·
  1. Tomorrow came and i actually managed to get the motivation to tidy my flat up.

    Cant remember the details, but i remember having music blaring out all day and tripping. by the end of the day it was done.

    I had contacted a friend, he was going to take me to the docs in the morning...that was 3am on fb msg..

    8am i ring the docs and make an appointment...long story short it went tits up, couldn't wake my mate up, now my sister is taking me to the docs and my whole family know everything.

    My anxiety was through the roof, i couldn't speak or get a word out, I was shaking all over, what a fuck up.

    The Doc had never heard of noids so i explained and he put all the symptoms down to the withdrawal.
    Whatever...i got some bloodtests at least.... results on Fri. and got a prescription for hydroxyzine for some least I'm not at work.

    After 7 days, symptoms.
    Insomnia brain wont shut down 50mg hydoxyzine worked for 3 hours
    No appetite feel hungry sometimes but one mouthful fills up
    Shivers and coldsweats lessening but still about

    Hows this for a theory? endocannabinoid system is messed up atm as we know, part of this regulates the body we know......body goes from warm environment to cold....the body registers a slight lowering of temp but the compromised system takes this as hypothermia, go from cool to warm and the body thinks it's on fire and turns on the sweat to 11. This just came to me, does it sound plausible?, ridiculous or blatantly obvious? please could someone answer?, its hard to know if I'm just thinking crap and writing nonsense.

    Balance, Still feel like i'm on a boat
    Skin numbness , All skin
    Blurred vision and floaters, think its lessening
    A disconnected feeling from the body which would explain no hunger/thirst/tiredness/cravings (which tbh is a bit of a blessing)

    Psychedelic feeling exactly like coming up from LSD including rushes, this is subsiding slightly after a week but suddenly I'll get a massive rush and be completely mashed, WTF?

    Schizophrenic symptoms, Literally feel like my personality has been split, i've changed. One half of me, cant walk straight, understand people, talk, remember, the other half feels totally normal, Which half you get depends on my anxiety level it seems. bottom line this could be permanent :(

    Physically i feel fine..but have lost 8kg in the last week, 6' and 70kg now and i shouldn't be feeling this good.Feel numb, trippy and quite euphoric sometimes and also like I'm brain damaged.

    I took 50mg of my hydroxyzine and had 3 hours sleep before my mom rang and woke me,

    It's now 2am and am totally wide awake, tried playing world of warcraft but was finding it way to hard to concentrate and the music was sounding quite sinister.


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