psychedelic feelings while withdrawing - Part 4

By stoneybridge · Jan 1, 2015 · ·
  1. As a bit of a round up, 2 months have past since the last post.....

    The Doc visit on the Friday, the blood tests were fine, there were tests for various vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, liver and kidney function,

    I was feeling more or less the same then so the doctor referred me to the mental health unit which would take weeks to get in to see someone as i wasn't suicidal or threatening to kill anyone else.

    He also suggested i seek drug counseling but as i wasn't on anything, hadn't been on anything for over 2 weeks and had no desire to take anything i declined.

    2 weeks later i returned to the docs for the next appointment and saw someone else, the mental heath unit had refused to see me and lied over the phone twice when i rang to see about the appointment.

    They were waiting for me to see the GP to be told that because of my refusal to get drug counseling they wouldn't see me. The fact that a month had past without taking anything or wanting to didn't matter.

    At that time the symptoms above had lessened but kind of reached a plateau, i was sleeping and eating better but was still having pretty crazy ideas, hearing odd things like music above white noise and sound distortions especially if i couldn't see the source,
    if i picked the phone up and didn't know who was on the other end my brain invented a random voice till i knew who it was then the voice changed to match the person.

    My understanding was messed up, people didn't get my point when talking and i was getting the wrong end of the stick.

    Time...i couldn't measure time, probably due to my memory also being messed up.. did something happen yesterday or last month? I'd go to where i left something and find it in a random place without remembering putting it there.

    And brain fog lots of brain fog :(

    I told the new doctor all this and i think basically she wanted me out of there, i couldn't see a shrink and had 3 weeks on the sick so i told her to sign me off to go back to work.

    The first week was very hard, i was expected to perform as before as I'd been signed off, and had to tell everyone i was fine, my role involves lots of problem solving which due to my brain fog was almost impossible, luckily an agency worker had been brought in to help while i was off, he lasted a week, whether it was due to my constant talking nonsense to him or to save money i don't know.

    ...2 months later, the brain fog has lifted, i feel literally like a different person...not in a good way.... time perception is still broken, my memory is still pretty bad, i feel emotionless and ratty around people in fact i go out of my way to not be around people as they really annoy me and i don't "get " them.

    I pick out coincidences and see familiar looking things everywhere especially when tiered or a bit stressed, i cant recognize peoples faces properly and most of the time have a feeling that everything just doesn't seem all that real.

    There you go....i haven't touched anything in over 2 months and have no plans to, never had any cravings so by definition wasn't addicted, whether that's because my brain has altered so i don't feel anything anyway who knows...wonder if this is what a psychopath feels like?


  1. Kitts
    Wow Stoneybridge. I'm so sorry, I don't know how I missed your thread. Thankyou for keeping such a detailed account. I feel you on the GP frustrations. If you don't fit into one of their neat little boxes it seems they don't know what to do with you.

    I can certainly see the improvement over the course of your thread. I hope you'll get better day by day. Maybe an exercise routine might help you heal quicker, do you already have one? If not, it might help. Anyway, I just wanted to send you some support and congratulate you on your great progress. Best wishes and happy new year to you.
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