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  1. Today I came to conclusion, that stupid as it sounds, but if cold turkey does not work, I will try to use with longer and longer gaps ( Tappering dose would not work for me for sure), wich seems perfectly reasonable and accetable. Like at the beginning only on weekends, then one day of the weekend, then one day every second weekend etc).

    I was clean this whole week, witch is accomplishment considering my daily drug abuse. First three days were pure hell, I was sweatting like I would have a Niagara fall flowing from my forhead, had trouble with sleeping, flu like symptoms etc. After third day started to feel like a normal human being, just this hounting feeling of emptyness and depression I am used to.

    Yesterday I used.From the beginning I bite myself about slipping, but then come up with this thought. I know that it looks like a lame excuse to use on weekend, but it seems logical way for me to quit. Has anyone done it like that and did it work?

    I know that it is stupid, but I think, that this would have more effect on me than my ridiculous attempts of could turkey. FB_IMG_1499817188259.jpg

    About Author

    A fully functioning (have a job and gaining second higher education as A+ student) IV addict from Eastern Europe trying to keep her life togeather and fighting herown demons.Trying make the best out of her life as far as it is possible keeping in mind the fact of her drug abuse.And not to die before time.

    Familiar with drugs for more than 12 years.


  1. amielynn
    I'm in a similar situation. I have some drugs that I need to throw out but haven't. Which I eventually slipped and used. Back to being clean now. My experience with quitting anything is to get rid of everything, paraphernalia, drugs and any people associated with any of those things. I did it once and stayed clean for 10 years! You can do it cold turkey! Just remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods and a lot of sleep. You'll recover quickly. You were clean this whole week............it just depends on how bad you want it! :)
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  2. aemetha
    It can work, it's a taper in effect, just you're taking doses less frequently rather than smaller doses. It will require perhaps more application of determination because it will lead to frequent bouts of withdrawal. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you've done plenty of introspection to ensure you're doing it as a means to an end rather than a justification for continuing. Plan for what you'll do when you become stressed out as well, because you're going to be in a position where you can very easily return to using as heavily as always, the only thing preventing that is your resolve (exactly what @amielynn has highlighted with getting rid of everything).
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