quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 11

By smith9666 · Nov 20, 2014 · ·
  1. JD,

    Thanks again for the support. I just read your entire thread, and I replied. But what I got from it was that you are not too far off from getting there. Compared to a little over a month ago, huge difference!!! I think I said WOW at least 6 times while reading because of how fast you were able to taper and to keep to it. By the way WOW is like my version of saying "no freaking way" or "are you serious" LOL . I'm not sure I could have been as strong as you have been about sticking to your tapering. You are working while doing this which i can appreciate because I had to do the same. I am a salary-50 hour employee minimum so I had no time off either. I honestly feel that is best. I work in a very fast pace environment as well so on those bad days I didnt have time to really sit and think about how bad I felt.

    Reading your thread was very inspiring and will definitely help me keep to it. ;-)

    Thanks again,


  1. Cmenot
    Smith, Great job getting your freedom! I am so happy that your withdrawal was not as bad as you thought it might be-its good to post this so someone else might hope for the same. I think the exercise helped you and the fact that you were able to get some sleep. Each person's physiology is unique and two people taking the exact same drug for the same time period and in the same amount, will have different symptoms, different severity and duration. You might also find that your pain level gets better once your brain recovers and can help with some pain control.
  2. lostlygirl
    I am glad that you are getting through this. You have done well, my friend :).

    Keep up the good work and keep posting. It helps to hear the success stories. Thanks for all the support you have been giving me. Your advice was much needed and very much appreciated.

    My in box was full so I couldn't reply through PM. I have to clear it out. :)

    Hugs, xxoo
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