quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 17

By smith9666 · Nov 22, 2014 · ·

  1. LG,

    Hey there! Thanks for sharing that with me.. It is definately a good perspective for sure. There seems to be a lot of options that I wasn't fully aware of for the pain if needed down the road.

    My pain level is only about a 2 right now so I consider that very manageable without taking anything. The issue is that I work long hours, 50 hour minimum each week and most of my work hour is on my feet. I enjoy it for the most part but there are days that I feel like it's manageable but then I come home and within the hour the pain has tripled just during the drive home.

    I can see how this could be a trigger to take the pain meds again if I let it get too bad. For me, I don't think I would really want that to be an option even in small quantities because my tolerance for most medications is very high so even the initial starting dosage is a lot higher then most. If I have to take so much of it that I no longer want to use it then it is counterproductive. I do agree that I will need to figure out a plan long term because the pain will not just go away. It will be something I'm going to have to live with for a while.

    Anyways, did you go out for your walk/run? Was it cold???!!! LOL


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    That could be why most doctors say its safe to use longterm. If its that simple to taper down then it may be a long term option. I fractured my back in an accident and it does seem a lot more manageable then it did 2 years ago. The thing is that the dosage discussed seems very high to me but I again don't know too much about it. It was 400mg 3X daily initially. I guess I'm just scared to use medication LOL I need to be able to trust the doctor and I struggle with that.


  1. Jungledog

    So ask to be started on 300mg twice daily and go from there. At my last appointment, he raised my dose (and then forgot to give me the damn prescription so I ended up getting it myself through my office) to 900mg 2-3 times per day. I have been sticking to 600 twice daily but have been thinking of raising the bedtime dose. It is safely dosed up to 5gm daily. It has MANY off labels uses...they freaking use if for everything. I commonly prescribe it for shingles pain.

    Tell your doctor your concerns. Do a good search on it and look for other people's experiences. It might be a good choice but then again you may be able to go without it.

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