quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 24

By smith9666 · Nov 26, 2014 · ·
  1. I was a little unsure at first what I was interested in but I knew it was in the medical field. I did 3 years of college and my first year was just general ed classes. I took an EMT class and certified right after but I wasn't really interested in going that route. I enjoyed it because of the "emergency medicine" side of it but it wasn't really my thing. The pay was already far below what I was making but that wasn't that important to me. During my clinicals at the hospitals I actually was spending more time with the radiologist in the er then any other dept so that was obviously something I figured out I liked a lot. I took a few classes after this that would allign with that program but never really applied.

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    Day 19,

    One word to sum up today.... Blah LOL


  1. Jungledog
    Lol !! Right there with you my friend. Keep your chin up. We all have to keep moving forward. :)

  2. smith9666
    Thanks JD. Worked sucked beyond belief today. All I did was babysit and most were older then me! Ugh! LOL.

    P.s. not sure when this journal became more about me complaining about work then WD's but that must be a good thing LOL
  3. Cmenot
    Great job Smith!!! I couldn't believe all the dreams I had once I stopped taking narcotics. I'm sure the running and sleep are helping tons! Has your pain gotten any better, excuse me if I missed it but what causes the pain? It's ok if you prefer not to answer. I use a cooling gel or icy hot at night on my low back and neck, it really helps the muscles relax. I hear capsaicin cream helps some too. It's really nice to read your very positive posts, I think sometimes we don't realize just how crummy these drugs make us feel because it's a slow deterioration.anyway, thanks for sharing your recovery..it's nice to read about success!
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